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Victories on the African economic front! Your commitment makes it possible! 

The African People’s Socialist Party’s Africans One Billion Strong Donor Campaign (AOBS) is collective investment in our own African future based on a foundation of political and economic power over our lives. Every African around the world should participate because the future of our people depends on our ability to have an economy that is primarily designed to take care of black people first and foremost.

Uhuru Pies is expanding: New baker and new product line! 

For more than 30 years, the Uhuru holiday pie sale has been the progressive holiday tradition in the San Francisco Bay Area and in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each fall, thousands of delighted buyers and hundreds of volunteer bakers and pie sellers support this vital program. 

The outpouring of support is not only for the mouth-watering fresh-baked fruit and nut pies. Uhuru Foods and Pies is a dynamic African economic development institution of Black Star Industries (BSI). 

BSI is the seed of the independent African economy through which we will once again own and control our resources. This is the future that each bite of an Uhuru Pie builds.

This year, Uhuru Pies Oakland is proud to introduce new head baker, Ngoyi Folayan!

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