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The Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) is the organization of white people formed by and working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) with the mission of going into the white community to organize white people to stand in solidarity with African people in the U.S. and abroad.

White people, we need to take responsibility.

It is with our permission, whether through silence and complicity or through open approval and even hero worship of law enforcement, that the State carries out the murders of Africans every 28 hours.

50 years later and little has changed 

Editor's Note: James McLynas, who originally published the article below on his blog, is running for sheriff of Pinellas County against the current sheriff Robert “Killer Bob” Gualtieri in the county primary election Tuesday August 30.

Gualtieri heads up the brutal colonial sheriff’s department and has the blood of the Dominique Battle, 16, La’Niya Miller, 15, and Ashaunti Butler, 15 on his hands. Gualtieri defended and upheld serial murderer deputy Howard Skaggs and other deputies after the deputies pursued and then murdered the three African girls in a high speed chase on March 31 of this year. The deputies murdered the girls by pushing their car into a pond in what is called the Pit maneuver.

Gualtieri stated that the deputies at the scene attempted to go into the water to save the dying girls, something that the videos later proved to be a bold-faced lie since the murderer Skaggs is recorded as standing back and casually remarking, “I thought I heard yelling as they are going down but they’re done. They are f--king done,” after the screams of the girls died down.

Build the Days in Solidarity with African People! 

In Autumn of 2016, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement will organize groups of white people throughout the country to hold “Days in Solidarity with African People” events to build political and material report for the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and its economic foundation, Black Star Industries (BSI), the basis of a liberated African economy.

The Days in Solidarity with African People (DSAP) is the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s most important event of the year. 

"Overturning the Culture of Violence" 

The terrible impact that slavery has had on the continent of Africa cannot be calculated: the destruction of magnificent civilizations, the break-up of family and kinship circles, the massive depopulation, forced impoverishment, famine and starvation, the ravishing of an environment which had been so conducive to human civilization for millennia. From open, educated, prosperous and democratic societies, African people now lived in sheer terror, never knowing when their village or town would be raided for human loot by these white invaders.

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