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Imperialist media attacks Venezuelan Prez 

VENEZUELA — In the face of continuing reports about imperialist threats against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan government is revamping its intelligence services amidst a flurry of attacks from imperialist media in response.

Concern over imperialist attack is not unreasonable considering that a CIA-backed coup d’etat temporatily removed Chavez from power only 6 years ago before a massive uprising brought him back to office. U.S. funding of opposition groups in Venezuela is also cause for concern.

It was on May 28 when Chavez announced the intelligence services changes. The country’s Interior and Justice Ministries will oversee a new General Intelligence Office and Counterintelligence Office in place of the current Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP). Similar military intelligence and counterintelligence components will replace the Military Intelligence Division (DIM) and will be under the Defense Ministry.

Both replaced offices DISIP and DIM were created in 1969 in the service of imperialism and have been closely aligned with the CIA. The law calls on Venezuelans to inform the government if they learn of plots to overthrow the government, and gives up to a four-year prison term for accomplices of such plots.

Therein lies the point of attack from imperialist media. They claim that this law is repressive and would turn Venezuela into a nation of spies. The Venezuelan government says that it is instead a defense of Venezuela from U.S. subversion. Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin stated that while U.S. law spies on Americans and denies them legal protection, Venezuela’s law enlists responsible citizen participation in preserving their government. They have a stake in “state security and resolving crimes. If [they] witness [wrongdoing and] hide it, then [they] are an accomplice to that crime.” It’s to make them responsible citizens united for their common self-interest.

While imperialist media have harped on this recent law from the Venezuelan government, it continues to ignore the U.S. violations of its own constitution in the unjust imprisonment of colonized people without trial. There is no uproar in the media around the continued imprisonment of the remaining members of the MOVE 9 from Philadelphia who were all charged with the killing of one police with one bullet that came from the opposite direction of the MOVE members but instead the direction of where other police were standing. They even ignore the double and soon to be triple jeopardy situation of the Liberty City Seven, who after two hung juries unable to convict them of government-fabricated terrorism charges, are to be subjected to more trials until the government can find a jury to convict.

InPDUM fights against anti-African "gang" initiative in York, Pennsylvania 

YORK CITY, Pennsylvania — The York City Branch of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is preparing to undertake a significant effort to stave off yet another plan of police aggression and containment. Pennsylvania's "222 Corridor Anti-Gang Initiative" is the official name given to the local, state and federal governments' proposed policy of harassment and subjugation.

In June 2006, with a $2.5 million Department of Justice grant already in its coffers, the Office of the United States Attorney determined it would draft a comprehensive plan of containment replete with targeted designer laws and militarized technology and tactics. York City InPDUM is waging a significant propaganda campaign exposing the true nature of this paramilitary escalation targeting six counties and seven cities in South Central Pennsylvania.

Under the pretext of eliminating "gangs", the State seeks to federalize all local police forces within the targeted areas. Electronic surveillance grids are being erected complete with cameras and microphones to intrude on our communities and to allow for electronic file sharing amongst police agencies nationwide. Rehashing failed and protracted strategies in the name of fighting gangs with new and fiercer punishment is the government game plan.

York City InPDUM is on the ground offering the black and oppressed community the true and effective programs of community control of police and economic development for working class Africans. Not mass incarceration, but self-determination.

We recognize that this initiative is intended to strengthen the most violent gang in Pennsylvania — the police. If this were a genuine attempt to crack down on gang activity, they’d begin within the ranks of the police departments who brutalize and kill Africans regularly.

Martial law is on the march in South Central Pennsylvania. York City InPDUM, led by President Ajamu Bandele, is calling on all comrades and branches of InPDUM and other progressive organizations operating within any of the Department of Justice’s "Super-Six" targeted areas throughout the country —Oakland and Los Angeles, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Tampa, Florida, and Dallas, Texas — to join in the resistance against the nationwide Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative.

York City InPDUM has identified the key players. It has interjected in public meetings that were designed to win African people’s support for our own oppression and containment and disseminated InPDUM’s ideology throughout the African community, effectively winning support for community control of police and economic development for the African community.

We've established several outreach posts, defeated local anti-gang ordinances and are waging a major propaganda campaign to help our people understand that this initiative is one that intends to deepen police aggression against our oppressed communities. The State intends to lock up the African community, but we are determined to get free!

Join the struggle against the 222 Corridor Anti-Gang Initiative! Self-determination for the African community!

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