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Remembering Saladin Muhammad

Sep 20, 2022

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) extends our condolences to the family and comrades of Brother Saladin Muhammad who passed on September 19, 2022. 

Muhammad was a long-time veteran of the anti-colonial, anti-imperialist movement and worked alongside us in the APSP and Uhuru Movement at different times, despite our political and ideological differences. 

More can be learned about Comrade Saladin in this statement from the Black Workers for Justice Executive Committee:

Brother Saladin leaves an outstanding legacy of revolutionary commitment, leadership, consciousness, and direct organizing of our people’s struggle for liberation. He was a commander-in-chief of revolutionary forces throughout the Black Liberation Movement and a staunch fighter for the Black Working Class. He worked tirelessly and with phenomenal energy to organize, guide, and lead our people’s fights and battles against oppression. He was an internationalist, upholding the world-wide struggle against capitalism and imperialism. His intellect, insight and analysis was outstanding in the theory and practice of organizing class and revolutionary struggle and the tactics and strategy of social transformation, national liberation, and socialism for the African American people.  

Saladin’s unmatched organizing skills led to the formation of the Black Workers for Justice, UE Local 150, and the Southern Workers Assembly, just to recognize only a few of his impactful accomplishments. And these organizational formations of the Black working class were built in the context of North Carolina, a state widely recognized for its anti-unionism and racist history and in the US South where the lack of a strong, progressive labor movement in the southeast region has been the Achilles heel of the U.S. national labor movement. The struggle to build a “new trade unionism” in the U.S. South must continue.

 His leadership and guidance, upon which thousands around the country and the world relied, is irreplaceable and will be sorely missed by all of us. Saladin was active in the struggles for justice and liberation for more than 50 years.


Saladin Muhammad, Presente!


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