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Black August raises up African prisoners

Aug 15, 2021

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The African People’s Socialist Party’s commitment to free our political prisoners, then and now
Saturday, August 28, 2021
7pm ET / 6pm CT / 4pm PT

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The Burning Spear newspaper's Editor-in-Chief and APSP Agit-Prop Director Akilé Anai

Kalambayi Andenet, President of the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM)
Members of The Burning Spear newspaper team presenting on the African People's Socialist Party's historical struggle to end the colonial imprisonment of African people and to free African political prisoners, including:

  • Consolidating the African National Prison Organization
  • The Campaign to Free Pitts and Lee
  • The Campaign to Free Dessie Woods

And learn about political prisoner and African martyr Mafundi Lake, a leader of Inmates for Action which resisted the brutal conditions inside U.S. prisons.
Learn how you can get involved and support the Mafundi Lake Prisoner Subscription Program that mails The Burning Spear newspaper, free of charge, to over 600 prisoners each month.

Black August was established as a month to recognize and honor African prisoners, following the heroic rebellions in the early 1970s of Africans at Attica in New York, San Quentin in California and other prisons across the U.S.

Today more than a million African people are locked up in U.S. concentration camps called prisons or jails. Points #6 and #7 of the African People's Socialist Party's Platform declare:

#6) We want the immediate and unconditional release of all black people who are presently locked down in U.S. prisons.

We believe that all the African men and women who are locked down in the U.S. concentration camps commonly known as prisons are there due to decisions, laws, and circumstances which were created by aliens and foreigners for their own benefit and as a means of genocidal colonialist control. We believe that these decisions, laws, and circumstances were created and are enforced without our consent and are therefore illegitimate. We believe that the African men and women who are locked down in these concentration camps are victims of U.S. colonialist ruling class justice which maintains our enslavement and terrorizes our people, and that they should therefore be released immediately to the just representatives of our struggle for liberation, independence, and socialist democracy.

#7) We want complete amnesty for all African political prisoners and prisoners of war from U.S. prisons or their immediate release to any friendly country which will accept them and give them political asylum.

We believe that U.S. prisons are also used as the illegitimate tool for torturing, murdering, and holding captive those courageous daughters and sons of Africa who through their patriotic deeds or spoken or written words in support of the cause of our liberation have become political prisoners and prisoners of war. We believe, along with the majority of the peoples of the world, that it is the duty of the colonized and enslaved to resist slavery and colonialism and to fight for socialism and those who do so are patriots and heroines and heroes and should be held in the highest esteem.

In support of our people locked up in these prisons, the African People's Socialist Party has long held a policy to provide free subscriptions of The Burning Spear newspaper to prisoners who request them. Today, we ship to  over 600 prisoners each month. In prisons across the country—from Florida to Alabama to California, Texas and New York—The Burning Spear is passed from cell to cell until it falls apart, providing a lifeline connecting our people inside to the worldwide African Revolution.

Every week, The Spear receives letters like this one, expressing appreciation for the newspaper, requesting a subscription or telling our people's story from inside the walls.

Letter to the Editor

We need your support to keep this program alive!

Go to and give to the Mafundi Lake Sponsor-a-Prisoner program today.



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