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Mar 6, 2021
Elikya Ngoma, Haiti Editor



HAITI—Members of Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) [Haitian National Police (HNP)] shot and injured two African journalists who were covering a February 9, 2021 protest in Port-au- Prince, the capital of Ayiti (Haiti). Police officers also shot and injured two other journalists during a Sunday, February 14, 2021 Port-au- Prince protest. 

The African masses have risen up against the dictatorial regime of Jovenel Moïse, whose five-year presidential term ended on February 7, 2021, according to the 1987 Constitution of Haiti. 

On January 25, 2021 and February 1, 2021, Moïse made two live broadcasts on Facebook titled “Yon ti kozri ak pèp la,” Kreyòl (Haitian Creole) for “A little conversation with the people.” 

In these broadcasts, he made it very clear that he had absolutely no intention to leave office until February 7, 2022, a full year over his constitutional term. 

The people took to the streets, beginning a few days before February 07, 2021, and were met with the threat of armed gang members, bandits, police and other State-sponsored enemies of the people. 

The attack on journalism is an attack on the revolutionary struggle of our people! 

The neocolonial State in Haiti has made attacks on journalists before during the brutal Duvalierian era of April 21, 1971 through February 6, 1986. Under Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier’s regime— as well as during his father’s regime before his—there was a deadly attack made on freedom of association, assembly and expression. 

Many independent newspapers and radio stations were closed down by the government. Journalists who condemned the Duvalier regime were imprisoned, forced into exile, beaten and murdered. 

To date the contradiction even further, this is no different from when colonial enslavers would brutally punish or kill enslaved Africans from passing out “inflammatory” literature as well as assembling together. 

The attacks on the media forces should not be seen as attacks on an isolated sector of the African community in Ayiti, as bourgeois and petty bourgeois media will do in their coverage of these attacks. 

They should instead be summed up as an attack on the democratic human rights of African people and a longtime practice of counterinsurgency. 

Even though most of these journalists and media entities are not revolutionaries and are not tied to revolutionary organization, the neocolonial State will only allow media to exist that provides reactionary analyses on the struggle being waged by the masses in Ayiti and will shut down all who stand with the people against it. 

Africans in Ayiti must be equipped with the theory of African Internationalism 

The Burning Spear newspaper is the world’s longest-running, revolutionary Black Power newspaper in existence since 1968. The Spear was founded and created by Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party-USA (APSP-USA) and African Socialist International (ASI), to get the theory of African Internationalism into the hands of the African nation, particularly the African poor and working class. 

The Spear is “the voice of the international African Revolution” that speaks to the willingness of African people to sum up our conditions for ourselves and arm ourselves, ideologically and materially, against the oppression of our people. 

The theory of African Internationalism is the sole theory that provides the African poor and working class real solutions to ending the misery we have endured for the past 600 years. 

African Internationalism is the theory that allows us to understand that our freedom and liberation can only be achieved through revolution, which is defined as eradicating one social system (parasitic, colonial capitalism) and replacing it with another (socialism). 

African Internationalism is the theory that allows us to understand that prerequisites for revolution are a revolutionary political theory and ideology (African Internationalism itself) and revolutionary organization whose work is guided by the revolutionary theory (the African Socialist International). 

The Burning Spear newspaper is a journal that is tied to the overall revolutionary project of African people that is being carried out by the African People’s Socialist Party. It is journalism as a tool of the international African Revolution. 

Building a Haiti Editor team for The Spear will tie the struggle of African people in Ayiti to the larger struggle being waged by African people around the world, for freedom over our own lives. 

Africans in Haiti must have free speech and political association 

Point #4 of the African People’s Socialist Party’s 14-Point Platform, titled “What We Want—What We Believe,” which is printed in every single issue of The Spear states: 

"We want the right to free speech and political association, a guarantee to the right to work for the betterment and emancipation of black people without fear of political imprisonment and the loss of life, limb, and livelihood.” 

African people in Ayiti must organize to build the African People’s Socialist Party in Ayiti, which would join the struggle for international African Revolution, as part of the African Socialist International, the organization made up of worldwide African People’s Socialist Party organizations. 

We must maximize the work of the Haiti Editor for The Burning Spear newspaper

Chairman Omali Yeshitela has assigned me, Elikya Ngoma, born into a family from Ayiti, to be the Haiti Editor of The Burning Spear newspaper to not only provide African people outside of Ayiti with a revolutionary understanding of the struggle being waged in Ayiti, but to also provide African people in Ayiti with revolutionary understanding of what is taking place right where they are. 

This process will include translations of the Haiti Editor articles into Kreyòl, the official language of the people of Ayiti, which will be posted to The Burning Spear newspaper’s website, and made into booklets that will be printed and distributed throughout the United States and eventually in Ayiti. 

I am making a call to all who would like to volunteer their skills to forwarding this revolutionary work, whether in Ayiti or abroad, to join as volunteers for The Burning Spear newspaper’s Haiti Editor team. This team will include researchers, translators (primarily English, Kreyòl and French), editors, reporters, etc. and, whenever possible, on-the-ground photographers and videographers. 

Bring your skills to the international African Revolution. Join The Burning Spear newspaper’s Haiti Editor team by emailing [email protected], with a description of yourself, your skills and your availability to participate in carrying out this revolutionary work. Join the African People's Socialist Party at

Viv Ayiti! (Long Live Haiti!) 

Viv Revolisyon! (Long Live the Revolution!) 

Down with neocolonialism! 

Long Live The Burning Spear newspaper! 

Long Live the theory of African Internationalism! 

Long Live the African Socialist International! 

Long Live Chairman Omali Yeshitela! 

Freedom in our Lifetime! Uhuru!


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