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#Baking 1,000 Uhuru Pies for Black Power

Mar 4, 2021
Deputy Chair & Board President Ona Zené Yeshitela, African People's Socialist Party and African People's Education and Defense Fund

Organization, art and a traditional African recipe combine to make the perfect sweet potato pie. © The Burning Spear newspaper


Thursday December 17, 2020 Uhuru Foods & Pies achieved a milestone never attempted in our 40 years as a successful economic institution of the African People’s Socialist Party. Uhuru Foods & Pies engineered the baking of 1,000 sweet potato pies, also known as “camote” in indigenous communities, in a single production.

The pies were a collaboration with long time partner Clif Bar Company and Eat. Learn. Play., the foundation of Stephen and Ayesha Curry. The process took months of meetings and planning to accomplish. Clif Bar sponsored Uhuru Pies to participate in Christmas with the Curry’s where 1,000 pies were purchased as part of an annual food giveaway to needy Indigenous, African, and Asian families in Oakland. Because of COVID-19, the event was moved outdoors to the Oakland Coliseum parking lot on Saturday December 19, 2020 where Stephen Curry and his family came onsite with other partners. Uhuru Pies was honored to participate and see the appreciative families when they received the sweet potato pies.


Uhuru Foods and Pies is not a business owned by an individual, but part of an independent African worldwide anti-colonial economy that African people are building to once again own and control our resources, including our own land, food production and distribution.

Uhuru Foods and Pies embodies point 2 of the working platform of the African People’s Socialist Party. “We want the rights to economic development and creative and productive employment which promote the needs and well-being of our whole people.”

The actual work: picking up over 3,000 pounds of donated sweet potatoes and 400 dozen eggs, roasting and peeling the potatoes and making the filling, then loading over 70 four-gallon buckets of sweet potato mix and equipment needed for the baking, was an exercise in art and science.

Sixteen individuals participated in three teams for baking: filling, ovens, and operations. The filling, baking, and packaging of the #Black Power Pies began at 4 PM at a donated kitchen space in San Francisco. that offered us a glimpse of the future of Uhuru Jiko in  St. Louis, MO.

We concluded at 2:30am with 1,000 baked pies stacked in boxes on wrapped pallets, loaded by forklift onto a refrigerator truck for distribution at the event! A special thanks to Angel, Anaya, Brittany, Gabby, Eboney, Su-Tchas, Darrell, Shamar, Gary, Pete, Cara, Steve, Garrett, Maureen, Sealli, and Bakari for this amazing achievement. We also want to thank Clif Bar and Eat, Learn, Play for their support of Uhuru Foods and Pies.

Uhuru Foods and Pies is confident on what we can do based on what we have done.

We are calling on you to join and advance the work to build an independent African economy. We are calling on you to support and participate in funding Uhuru Jiko St. Louis and the African Independence Workforce Program. Volunteer for daily work in promotions, sales, and operations -- some is virtual!

For more information go to or call California: 800-578-5157 or Florida: 888-519-4022

Building an Independent African Economy, one thousand pies at a time!



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