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Building an independent African economy, one pie at a time - Uhuru Foods & Pies baked and sold 6,500 pies in three Party regions in 2019

Mar 22, 2020
Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela, African People's Socialist Party and President of the African People's Education and Defense Fund

As part of the campaign to sell 10,000 Uhuru Pies, much work has happened to transform various aspects of the work to accommodate the higher volume of pies.

For 38 years, Uhuru Pies has conducted a “Holiday Pies” campaign that has become very popular in the world due to the quality of our pies and the political mission of Uhuru Pies, which is to “Build an independent African economy.”

Plus, many people have come to depend on getting their Uhuru Pies not only because they taste great, but they see for themselves how the sales support genuine economic development, such as the Black Power Blueprint.

Efforts to expand Uhuru Foods & Pies and forward the mission have resulted in:

●      Recruiting key volunteers and interns

●      Increased social media presence

●      Regular newsletters

●      Hiring a baker

●      Opening up new wholesale, pop up and pie tasting opportunities

The most important work that has transformed Uhuru Foods & Pies is upholding the mandate to build the regional strategy, which has the Western, Southern and Midwest regions selling Uhuru Pies!

In 2020, Uhuru foods and Pies will continue to build and refine the Regional Strategy through increasing the number of wholesale accounts and more product development that will bring more sweet and savory products to a city near you!

Support Uhuru Pies!

Support economic self-reliance for the African community!


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