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Black People’s Grand Jury must hear the case of police murder victim Alva Braziel in Houston, Texas

Aug 8, 2017

Alva Braziel was murdered by Texas pigs, leaving behind a wife and family. We must demand black community control of the police!


HOUSTON—With bullhorn and banners in hand, on Saturday July 8, militant protesters marched on the spot where Houston cops murdered 38-year-old Alva Braziel on July 9, 2016.

It was a one year anniversary resistance march and rally.

For the second time in three months, a white people’s grand jury in Harris County, Houston, Texas has no-billed two cops: L. Lopez and E. Macias.

These pigs pumped fourteen bullets into the body of Alva Braziel while his hands were up.

Some of those shots hit the 38-year-old black father while he lay on the ground mortally wounded.

Nevertheless, the pigs still handcuffed him.

Back in March and again on July 29, 2017, prosecutor Kim Ogg, the new female pro-death penalty district attorney presented to grand juries cases she knew would not win indictments.

Securing indictments was never the intent.

Reinforcing the colonial relationship that Africans have to the State is always the unstated goal of unindicted police murderers.

This is so because the district attorney, the grand jury, the courts and the police are all separate parts of one organization.

That organization is called the State. In this case it is the white people’s State.

In protest of letting the murderers go free, Nikita Braziel, Alva’s widow who has been fighting for justice from day one, called on the people and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) to take to the streets and join in the effort to win justice for Alva and call for the jailing of the two cops.

Great street demonstration and rally

With the Black Community Control of the Police as the lead banner, marchers boldly took to the streets with chants of “Justice for Alva,” Fists up, fight back,” “Hands up, shoot back, get these pigs off our backs,” Black power matters” and “Touch one, touch all.”

At the rally, Nikita Braziel stated, “I shouldn’t even be here today. None of us should be here.

“I should be at home with my husband but they took him away from me. But I won’t ever stop fighting for him.

“Kim Ogg (district attorney) must go. Sylvester Turner (Houston mayor) has to go. The police who killed my husband must pay for his murder.

“And I want to see the evidence they showed to the grand jury but they won’t let me and that is not right.”

Following sister Nikita’s presentation, Nyabinghi Fungisai, a leading member of the Houston Chapter of InPDUM, put some political muscle behind Nikita’s statements.

Nyabinghi stated: “It is time for us to have Black Community Control of the Police.

“There shouldn’t have been an Alva Braziel, a Trayvon Martin or a Michael Brown.

“Nikki shouldn’t be out here crying over the murder of her husband because if we had Black Community Control of the Police we would have rendered justice.

“We can’t continue to let people have control over our lives. We can’t continue for our children not to have a future.

“Revolution is the only solution.”

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement are the custodians of the Black People’s Grand Jury.

The jury was last called into session in Ferguson, Missouri and brought forth a true indictment of first-degree murder for white cop, Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown in August 2014.

It is the Black People’s Grand Jury that must convene in Houston to hear multiple cases of police murder to include Jordan Baker, Sandra Bland, Carl Hampton, and Jose Campos Torres.

Justice for Alva Braziel!

Bring the Black People’s Grand Jury to Houston!



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