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Same gender loving African is charged with a hate crime after defending himself from two white gays

Oct 11, 2016
Nkashama Sankofa, African People's Socialist Party

Bayna El Amin


New York City––Bayna Lekheim El-Amin was sentenced to nine years in a colonial prison camp on September 15, 2016 for defending himself against two white men in a restaurant May 5, 2016.

Jonathan Snipes and Ethan York-Adams used their access to white power to have Bayna railroaded by the State when they are the dangerous animals who put Bayna’s life in danger.

Everything started last cinco de mayo at when a drunk Jonathan Snipes spilled a drink on Bayna before calling him a nigger and slapping him with a purse.

Africans cannot commit hate crimes

Bayna defended himself from Jonathan Snipes who also pulled out a knife. The video footage from the restaurant spread around the internet with white homosexuals calling it a hate crime and demanding that Bayna gets punished.

Bayna was accused of being homophobic despite being same gender loving himself. A warrant for his arrest was placed and Bayna turned himself into the New York City police department’s hate crime unit.

Throughout his trial, the colonial media and white LGBT activist thugs painted Jonathan Snipes as a victim.  The New York Daily News went so far to call Bayna a brute and kept referring to his size as if it makes him less obligated to defend himself against anti-African whites.

Snipes claims that Bayna called him a “homophobic” slur and had his violent actions immediately dismissed by the colonial media as well as the State.

Bayna insists this isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter what he called Snipes. It is clear to us that Snipes acted the way he did because he knew that in this colonial society, he is protected from punishment for violence against Africans.

Colonial laws don’t even justify using violence because you are offended by someone’s speech. However, the State does not abide by its own rules especially when it comes to Africans. 

The whole notion of Bayna committing a hate crime against two white men, regardless of either party’s sexuality is ridiculous because the word “hate crime” is merely a response regarding crimes committed by white people against other oppressed groups.

The idea is that these groups need special laws to protect them because they are at a disadvantage due to the oppression they face.

White homosexuals may be marginalized by certain sections of their own people but are still white and are in a position to use the system of colonialism to their advantage as seen in Bayna’s case.

The LGBT community completely ignored the fact that Bayna was same gender loving and went along with the narrative that Bayna attacked these lying criminals because they were homosexuals. They did this because he is African.

SGL or heterosexual, we are all colonized Africans

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is clear that it does not matter what an African’s sexuality is. We are all colonized and must struggle together in the fight for freedom.

The case of Bayna El-Amin should be a wake up call for heterosexual and same gender loving Africans around the world. We have one allegiance and that is to the African nation.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) did a great job addressing the question of same gender loving (SGL) Africans in the Revolution at InPDUM’s 25th anniversary Convention held in Ferguson, MO on September 17 and 18, 2016 with an SGL Panel that included Gazi Kodzo, Muteba Tshinabu and Kobina Bantushango of the APSP and Dr. Cleo Manago of the Black Men’s Xchange.

This is a call to all Africans to join the Revolutionary movement that recognizes that we’re all we got. The colonial State will not inquire into your sexual preference before they kill, torture or imprison you.

One Nation One Africa!

Touch One Touch All!

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