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InPDUM: Forwarding the National Convention!

Jul 26, 2016

Recognizing the significance of cadre development to advancing the struggle for African liberation and socialist revolution, International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) President, Kalambyi Andenet sought out to consolidate an InPDUM Unit within the African People’s Socialist Party’s (APSP) political development and organizational training school.

This unit is tasked with arming InPDUM’s forces with the organizational training and political development necessary to build toward its 25th annual convention that will be hosted in St. Louis Missouri; ground zero of the burgeoning African resistance movements sparked after the U.S. colonial State sanctioned police murder of Michael Brown in 2014.

The theme of our convention is: Continuing the Black Struggle for Self Determination: The Task at Hand.

We chose this theme because subsequent to the murder of Michael Brown and the rebellions initiated internationally in response, the general lack of organizational cohesion and ideological continuity of the African Liberation Movement was laid bare.

The opportunism of certain sectors of the the African liberation movement expressed itself in the petty bourgeois manifestations, like the black lives matter hashtag, which called for militant protests and demonstrations that drew ruling class media attention to the ubiquitous police brutality as experienced by Africans colonized within the borders of the United States without offering or demanding actionable resolutions that will lead to the capture of independent black power over our own black lives.

The organizational ineptitude and political opportunism of the hashtag BLM renders African people unarmed against the colonial State and instead seeks to lock African people into a struggle against  “racism”, its ideological underpinnings, leaving the imperialist system unscathed.

No future under imperialism

Our assumed responsibly now, is to build the organizational capacity of our people to overturn the entire parasitic social system that is the material basis for the existence of the capitalist colonial State itself and the imperial relationship African people have to it.

This year’s annual InPDUM convention will take advantage of the growing consciousness of African people in this critical era of imperialism in crisis, by arming the masses with revolutionary organizational training, and sending revolutionary forces back to our prospective regions with the task of building local InPDUM branches and putting boots on the ground wherever toiling Africans may be.

We call on all freedom-loving Africans to register for and attend our Convention! Let’s complete the task at hand!






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