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Meet Daniel Conteh, AAPDEP's new National Director for Sierra Leone

Sep 15, 2015
All African People's Development and Empowerment Project

FREETOWN, SIERRA LEONE—On Sunday, August 9, Daniel Conteh was appointed Sierra Leone National Director for the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AADPEP), a position which places him on AAPDEP’s International Executive Committee.

Comrade Daniel obtained his Teachers Certificate in 2000 from the Freetown Teacher’s College and earned his Higher Teacher Certificate Secondary with a specialization in Agriculture and Community Development in 2007.

In 2008 he pursued a degree at the Evangelical College of Theology in Community Development Studies and graduated in 2011.

Comrade Daniel has been instrumental in developing and carrying out AAPDEP's most recent programs in the country including our Ebola initiative, Project Black Ankh (PBA).  As a part of PBA, Daniel helped to train more than 40 community health workers in the prevention of Ebola Virus Disease and in psychosocial counseling methods.

As a member of the African People’s Socialist Party, Daniel recognizes his responsibility to organize the masses of African people in Sierra Leone and around the world into revolutionary political life and works hard to promote AAPDEP as a vehicle through which Africans can collectivize our skills and resources for African self-reliance and self-determination.

We salute comrade Daniel for his hard work and dedication to the development of Africa and African communities around the world and look forward to his continued contribution to AAPDEP’s success.

Be like Comrade Daniel! Contribute your skills to making a better world for African people.



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