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Defend Isaiah Battle from Tampa Bay Times' criminalization and slander! 

With the discussion of Donald Trump and his defense of white nationalism, our people are focusing on neo-nazis, the KKK and alt-right but the real face of white nationalism are right in front of us from the politicians that set policies to criminalize and occupy black communities, to the police who murder us in the streets, and to the media who depict us as criminals and subhuman.

Lisa Gartner (@lisagartner) and Zachary T. Sampson (@zackthompson) of the Tampa Bay Times @tampabaytimes wrote an article entitled “Wrong Way: At 15 Isaiah Battle was the County’s No. 1 car thief. He had every reason to stop.”

It is a defamatory article centered around a 16-year-old child, Isaiah whose sister, Dominique Battle, was drowned to death after being chased by the Pinellas County Sheriff's office. Over 19 Pinellas county sheriff deputies watched them drown, all caught on video while deputies laughed and joked.

The Tampa Bay Times called Isaiah the “No. 1 car thief” in Pinellas County despite the fact that these were arrests not convictions. Theft is a legal conclusion that a judge or jury makes, everyone has a presumption of innocent until proven guilty, there statements are blatant libel.

Make Black August 31 days of African resistance! 

This article is part of a special Black August series on We encourage all our readers to help “Keep The Spear Burning” during our Black August Fund Drive. Support your black power newspaper! Sponsor a prisoner or donate today at

Black August is a commemoration begun in 1979 by Africans in prison to raise up those who have died struggling for African liberation from within prison walls or in attempts to liberate Africans from the colonial prisons like George and Jonathan Jackson.

Rest in uhuru: Jimmie Goshey, Dejarae Thomas and Keontae Brown 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department released to the city on the morning of Aug. 6th that six African teenagers were involved in a fatal car crash in Palm Harbor. As a result, three of the young boys were killed; one placed in critical condition and two arrested.


When I heard this, I couldn’t help but find a bit of myself dying as well, knowing that three lives were taken from this community that morning. Unfortunately, that feeling got a lot worse when I found out that these boys were illegally chased by an aggressive and trained cop squad forcing them to crash into a billboard pole, spiraling through the air and ending their short lives.

Under colonialism, "Back to school" is really "Back to jail" for African students 

Pinellas County opened its gates for our K-12 grade public school students on August 10th. Popular television shows and local news programs portrayed the last few days of summer vacation as parents going out to look for the new deals on school supplies, engaged in the struggle of finding the perfect outfit for the first day back or reinforcing bedtimes again, but let’s not forget that back-to-school time isn’t the same for everyone.