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Omali Yeshitela lambasts imperialist countries who boycotted UN Conference Against Racism 

GENEVA, Switzerland — On April 20-24, 2009, the United Nations hosted a second World Conference Against Racism, following up the conference in 2001 where peoples around the world declared that slavery and colonialism were crimes against humanity for which reparations were due. That conference also declared the illegitimate settler-state of Israel to be a racist state.

The 2001 conference was boycotted by the U.S. and Israel who both refused to acknowledge their crimes against humanity. In this follow-up conference the U.S. and Israel were joined by virtually all of the other imperialist countries who either refused to participate from the start or walked out at the point that the issues began to be raised.

In an interview on on Sunday, April 26, African Socialist International (ASI) Chairman Omali Yeshitela explains the real basis for these imperialist counties refusal to participate in the conference:

“I want to say it’s criminal behavior, but that’s not appropriate because when you’re talking about crime, you’re talking about the law and the imperialists make most of the laws. So most of what they do is legal including slavery and including the kinds of things that the white nationalist, foul, settler-colonial state of Israel has done to the Palestinians. They take the people’s land, and then they punish them. They kick them off the land, they brutalize them and they murder them.

“You know they had a president from Milwaukee, a white woman from Milwaukee — Golda Meir. They’ve got these white people that they bring from all over the world and they call them Israelis. They change the country’s name from Palestine to Israel. It’s just a whole thuggish process that’s been going on for a while.

“But the United Nations Conference Against Racism that happened in 2001 in Durban, South Africa was a really significant, really critical conference, that took place in late August and went on to the early part of September and it resulted in a statement that upheld reparations for slavery and colonialism, defined slavery as a crime against humanity, and in addition to that, the people also identified the state of Israel as a racist state in terms of its treatment of the Palestinian people.

“And what was really interesting about that was you had a situation where thousands of people who otherwise had not been able to talk about reparations or believe in reparations or anything like that — at the juncture the United Nations gave it an air of legitimacy, you had people coming from everywhere around the world to participate in this conference and this discussion. To have the whole non-white world denounce colonialism, denounce slavery, uphold the demand for reparations and denounce the illegitimate white nationalist, settler-state of Israel — which indeed is a rotting corpse — to have the whole world stand up and do that was a remarkable political occurance that had all kinds of significance.

“And then, of course, that conference ended on September 7, and then on September 11 was the thing that happened with the world trade center, and so it took it off the radar screen and nobody was talking about that historical achievement. Our movement was there in Durban.

“I should mention that in 2001, the United States also did not participate. In fact, it demanded that the Negro secretary of state Colin Powell not show his face at this critically significant thing.

“But they came out of there with some pretty decent resolutions and commitments from these imperialist, colonialist states about struggling against what they characterize as racism and actually having a responsibility to overturn it, and Durban II in part was to give people an opportunity to see what kind of progress has been made since Durban I.

“Now before they even get there, the Obama administration — here we have the negro president again, who is quite convenient because he first of all demanded that they take out the issue of reparations, that they take out the issue of the illegitimate state of Israel, etc. and so they didn’t even participate in the thing.

“And again this is under Obama. This is the hero for much of the Negro reparations movement. They saw Obama as the one who was going to do something for them and of course, he’s now covering for every anti-reparations, anti-African, anti-freedom act against oppressed peoples around the world.

“So from the very beginning you had a boycott. Look at who’s boycotting: Australia, New Zealand, United States, Italy, Germany, Holland. Can you believe that? These are the countries that are boycotting. They don’t even show up at all. So you’re talking about Australia who had the gross history of first of all these white people who leave England as thugs and criminals and locked up in prison, Australia being a prison colony for England. They murder thousands and thousands of black people there called Aborigines as sport. Those who they didn’t murder, many of those who they didn’t murder, they kidnap their children and put them into torture farms to make white people out of them. But they boycott the issue.

“New Zealand has a similar story. There’s Canada, who has right now got reservations for indigenous people who are catching hell there, but they boycott allegedly because somebody is going to say something not nice about some white people who just stole some land in the Middle East. That’s the excuse they give.

“You’ve got the United States. I don’t even have to say what the United States is. The very fact that I’m even sitting here having this discussion is a mark against the United States. And the very fact that there’s a Negro president here is a mark against what the United States is about.

“Then you’ve got Italy, Germany, Holland — Holland who brought the first African captives to the United States. The first African captives to the United States came here on a Dutch ship.

“And then all these other white countries walk out and somehow they say that this thing was condemned by the whole world, but that’s a lie because the vast majority of the people there supported the statements by Ahmadinejad. And the vast majority of the people there still want reparations, still denounce slavery and colonialism. It’s just the white countries that walked out of this thing and perhaps some of their lackeys and allies. The vast majority of the people stayed.

“But the thing is this: as important as these conferences are, and they are important — and I’m sorry that we weren’t able to attend this conference. We were busy on the ground building a revolutionary movement and putting some things down in Kenya because in the final analysis, our freedom is not going to come at a United Nations hearing or conference, even though I think they are extraordinarily important political events.

“They are also something that gives us an indication of the amount of unity of peoples around the world around these questions opposed to colonialism and imperialism. So we weren’t there, but we were in the process of helping to dig the grave of imperialism.

“I think that it’s a critical development and we should not allow the United States and these imperialist powers to define what happened in the fashion that they are trying to define it.”

Chairman Omali continued around the Israel question: “Israel is a criminal enterprise in a thousand different ways. And the whole thing that happened to Jews was done by white people. I don’t know how many Jews were killed in Germany, but however many were killed, they killed them. They were not killed by Iranians. They were killed by white people in Europe.

“And you talk about freedom of speech and all that, but you cannot be in a European country and say six million Jews didn’t die. You’ll go to jail there. But we do know how many people that the Belgians killed in one fell swoop. The Belgians killed more than 12 million African people. You’re going to tell me that because somebody says something that you don’t like about an illegitimate, hostile, white nationalist state that itself was a colonial enterprise that is used against the people there, that the crimes committed by Belgians, the crimes committed by the Dutch, the crimes committed by the United States and all these other countries go unmentioned and undealt with? Because we hurt the feelings of some white people who stole some land in occupied Palestine? It’s absolutely unacceptable.

“I truly believe that Jewish people have a responsibility to denounce the illegitimate state of Israel, to express solidarity with the just struggles of the Palestinians and other oppressed peoples just as I can sit here right now and denounce these neocolonial African states wherever they exist. Jews are no better than anybody else, and what killed them was capitalism and other white people in Germany and other places. Not only were they killed in Germany, they were chased all over Europe, and even in this country, Jews had to change their names and what have you so it wasn’t clear that they were Jews in order to be successful.

“So don’t put this thing about Jews on Palestinians and Iranians and black people and what have you because this is a mess about white people. But they’re using this mess about white people that happened to the Jews. They want to hold this up as the greatest crime against humanity because it’s something that happened to white people and the Jews who are united with this whole Zionist thing participate in this thing and it’s an anti-revolutionary stance that they take.

“They use it to hide the crimes that imperialism has committed against the rest of the world. They say nothing has happened as bad as what happened to those white people, and that’s why it’s got to be six million. If they could make it 40 million, they’d make it 40 million that died there because they need those dead Jews to hold up in the face of any Africans and other oppressed people around the world who say look at what you did to me. They need the dead Jews to say nothing has ever happened as bad as what happened to these white people.”

Chairman Omali Yeshitela can be heard live on Africa Live on on Sundays at 11:00am-1:00pm EST

Parasitic Capitalism 101, part 2 

Parasitic Capitalism 101: Make Billions of Dollars by Ripping Off African People. Part 2.

U.S. Wages Domestic Counterinsurgency to Protect Parasitic Capitalism

The U.S. government’s COINTELPRO attack on the Black Power Movement of the 1960s assassinated African leaders, imprisoned activists and used agents to destroy organizations.

As part of this counterinsurgency effort the government flooded the African community with heroin brought in from Southeast Asia by the CIA. Later crack cocaine from South and Central America was added.

These drugs served a two-fold purpose. They devastated the African working class community and made organizing nearly impossible. At the same time the drugs destroyed long-standing African community economic stability while turning illegal drugs into nearly a trillion dollar annual industry, generating cash that flows through every bank in the U.S.

Again Jim Crow-like laws such as Three Strikes and discriminatory sentencing mandates were used to round up millions of people and imprison them on the basis of drugs.

Prison Profit Props Up Ailing U.S. Economy

Today more than 7.5 million people—nearly half of them African—are tied to the US prison system. As big as the current government stimulus package is, it is nothing compared to the massive government investments building new prisons in every state.

This proved to be the key economic stimulus for white America over the past 30 years. It was prisons and illegal drugs that saved the US economy during all of the previous economic downturns of the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Prisons spawned jobs in multiple sectors, such as lawyers and prosecutors, guards, court and prison administration, computer programming, along with construction, housing development and retail malls that often transformed backwards rural towns into bustling metropolises.

Wall Street banks float the loans to cities and states that are used as municipal bonds to finance prison building. These loans are basically mortgages on prisons and rake in the money for the bankers.

Private prisons profit from African slave labor used by a wide range of corporations, essentially a modern form of Convict Leasing.

Additionally, private prisons are traded on Wall Street. Their stock goes up every time another law such as Three Strikes is passed, because these laws guarantee that prison beds will be filled for the long term and that there will be an ever-increasing prison population. Wall Street makes sure that prisons remain a good investment.

“Subprime” Predatory Lending Steals African Assets

In the mid-90s the Clinton administration began changing HUD policies to allow for the targeting of the African community for predatory subprime mortgages.

For the next 10 years, bankers and lenders profited royally from entrapping African families into deceptive mortgages. Africans making over $150,000 a year were more likely to get a “subprime” load than white people making less than $35,000 a year.

Subprime mortgages are adjustable rate loans that start out low and double after a couple of years.

The banks bundled the mortgages, sliced them up and used them as investment instruments, instead of cash. They made trillions of dollars by investing these mortgage-backed securities and then quickly reinvesting their profits multiple times.

As millions of people began to default on their high-interest mortgages, the banks’ investments went bad. This was the basis of the stock market crash in September of 2008.

But the bankers have been bailed out by taxpayers’ money to the tune of trillions of dollars. The banks have never had to publicly reveal their bad debts, the “toxic assets” from the invested subprime mortgages.

Following all the bailouts under both Bush and Obama, the banks have invested the people’s money that they were supposed to lend out to businesses and individuals. Now the banks are claiming some of the highest profits ever. The banking class in fact has benefitted from a huge heist and is lining its pockets as usual at the expense of Africans.

Meanwhile majority Africa cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and others are decimated beyond description. Whole neighborhoods are foreclosed, abandoned and boarded up. Downtown Detroit is nearly a ghost town, with empty streets and vacant skyscrapers. As Chairman Omali has said, poverty stalks these African communities like a lynch mob.

African Unity is the Only Solution

It’s clear the only answer is the African Socialist International. Parasitic capitalism and the white world have feasted on African people for 500 years.

When Africa is reunited and liberated and in the hands of African people everywhere Africa will be the most powerful and wealthy economy in the world.


L’économie parasitaire capitaliste conduite et dirigée par les États-Unis est sur son lit de mort. 

Bien qu’elle s’agrippe à une perspective de temps de vie artificielle, en injectant des milliards de dollars dans son système économique totalement affaibli les perspectives pour cette économie parasitaire semblent lugubres.

Le capitalisme est né parasitaire : il vit le jour avec l’assaut de l’Europe contre l’Afrique, lequel réduisit le peuple Africain en esclavage . C’est cette attaque qui nous a transformé en marchandise la plus lucrative du monde.

L’esclavagisation des Africains, le pillage de l’or et autres ressources africaines, la colonisation de notre continent Africain tout entier, le génocide des indigènes d’Amérique et le vol systématique de leur terre, la domination coloniale de la quasi-totalité du monde avaient permis à l’Occident de sortir dune misère extrême, tout en créant l’économie la plus puissante et la plus prospère du monde.

Les luttes des peuples pour une libération effective, les luttes des nations opprimées pour le contrôle de leurs richesses et ressources, la lutte interne aux pouvoirs locaux pro-impérialistes, la montée en puissance de la Chine, de l’Inde et de la Russie sont devenues les causes de cette mort lente du pouvoir économique blanc.

Quant à Nous, internationalistes africains, nous n’avons pas peur de cette crise, bien au contraire, nous faisons tout, pour l’approfondir dans un effort permanent pour mettre en place un mouvement de libération et de réunification de l’Afrique, sous la direction des travailleurs africains de par le monde.

Une fois libérées des étreintes de nos oppresseurs, les immenses ressources dont dispose l’Afrique seront les facteurs qui mettront sur pied l’économie la plus riche et la plus puissante du monde. Les ressources dont les économies du monde entier ont besoin se retrouvent en Afrique.

Une Afrique libre et socialiste garantira la prospérité, la dignité et l’indépendance pou chaque homme, chaque femme et chaque enfant d’Afrique et de la planète toute entière.

La crise des subprimes: Un plan d’un trillion de dollars aux dépens

des peuples africains.

Chaque jour apporte son lot de révélation concernant la véritable face des dirigeants de cette économie parasitaire qu’est le capitalisme, comme les fraudes, les mensonges et le vol par les banquiers et les politiciens lorsqu’on arrive encore à découvrir supercherie. Malgré, les promesses d’espérance et de changement promises par Obama, la confiance au gouvernement impérialiste américain n a jamais été aussi basse dans l’histoire des sondages de ce pays : vol manifeste de plus 50 millions suite aux plans mis en place par les hautes instances de Wall Street, des entreprises qui envoient des pâtes d'arachide infectées d’excréments de cafards et de rats dans les cantines scolaires à la fraude fiscale et la corruption de certains membres du cabinet d’Obama. Les banquiers de Wall Street ont utilisé l’argent du contribuable, pour s’acheter des avions privés et leurs patrons se payent, eux-mêmes, des bonus monstrueux. À chaque nouveau rapport apparaît également un nouveau scandale.

Les banquiers sontrapaces et véreux et les médias essaient de mettre la crise actuelle sur l'effondrement de l'industrie d'hypothèque bancaire des subprimes de 2007.

Les hypothèques de Subprimes sont des emprunts à taux ajustables qui commencent avec un taux d’intérêt relativement bas qui peut, par la suite, doubler ou augmenter rapidement après la période d’emprunt initiale.

Les emprunts de subprimes ne sont pas nouveaux. Ce sont les anciens prêts hypothécaires rapaces et démodés, qui ont été reconditionnés comme « prêts créatifs ». Les hypothèques de subprimes concerneraient soi-disant que les acheteurs de maison en manque de crédit ou de bon crédit, alors qu’en réalité, ce sont les communautés africaines et mexicaines qui sont ciblées, sans tenir compte du taux de leur crédit ni de leurs revenus.

Dans les années 90, sous Clinton, le Département de l’Habitat et du développement urbain (HUD), a changé le système d’emprunts pour permettre aux prédateurs des hypothèques de subprimes de cibler particulièrement les communautés africaine et mexicaine. Dans la plupart des cas, les prêteurs n’ont pas informé les acheteurs de maisons que ces taux d'intérêt de subprimes étaient réajustables.

Les banquiers de Wall Street ont participé dans un accord initié par la banquière milliardaire Penny Ritzier, chargé des questions financières de l’administration du président Barak Obama, d’utiliser des « paquets » d'emprunts de subprimes comme des ressources pour investir dans les fonds d'investissement.

Les grandes banques d'investissement de Wall Street, les banques privées, les prêteurs d'hypothèque et les fournisseurs d’hypothèques subventionnées par le gouvernement que sont Freddie Mac et Fannie Mae ont utilisé ces hypothèques de subprimes et ces titres soutenus pour investir, empochant littéralement des trillions de dollars au détriment des peuples africain et mexicain.

Dans des villes à prédominance africaine comme Cleveland, Atlanta, Détroit et Baltimore, les propriétaires africains ont perdu des centaines de milliers de maisons et collectivement au moins $100 milliards en termes de richesses.

Au même moment, les banquiers de Wall street sont secourus par le gouvernement américain a coût de trillions de dollars, lesquels banquiers ont continué leurs mode de vie somptueux et ostentatoire sans restriction aucune.

La plupart des dettes toxiques de Wall Street -estimées à $3,6 trillions-sont toujours cachées par les banques en fonction encore aujourd'hui. Une bonne partie des médias continue à mettre cette crise sur le compte des Africains qui luttaient depuis longtemps pour « participer au rêve américain » d'accession à la propriété.

L'effondrement des titres d'hypothèques soutenus de subprimes a des ramifications mondiales pour les pays qui ont participé à ce processus d’enrichissement rapide. Ainsi, une crise bancaire mondiale aux proportions sans précédent a été initiée.

Aujourd’hui, les États-Unis et l'économie capitaliste parasitaire mondiale sont sur une pente descendante qui pourrait faire baisser l'hégémonie impériale américaine et le système du pouvoir hégémonique blanc dans sa totalité.

Alors que les médias comparent la crise d'aujourd'hui à « la Grande Dépression » des années 1920, la réalité est que l'étendue et la profondeur de la crise actuelle sont sans précédent.

Malgré les trillions de dollars qui sont injectés par le gouvernement américain et la réserve fédérale dans ce système sous forme de stimulus, de plans de sauvetage et des projets de secours, la situation montre en fait que l’administration Obama n'a pas d'idée concrète pour remédier à cette crise.

La présidence d’Obama est dans la poche de l’élite et des banquiers de la classe dirigeante et facilite leur approvisionnement pour une demande toujours plus accrue du butin.

Quarante-six Etats américains font face à des déficits budgétaires majeurs, y compris la Californie.Cet Etat qui possède la huitième et la plus grande économie du monde, est, maintenant, dans le rouge et doit composer avec un déficit de plus de $42 milliards.

Dans une tentative désespérée pour équilibrer son budget, l’Etat n’a d'autre plan que d’augmenter les impôts et couper certains fonds dans le secteur de l'éducation et les services sociaux, ce qui approfondira encore la crise sociale pour les communautés pauvres et les millions de gens déjà au chômage.

Le nombre de gens qui reçoivent les allocations de chômage n’a jamais été aussi élevé aux États-Unis, atteignant des records historiques, qui approchent les cinq millions. Le taux de chômage officiel se porte à 7,6 % de la population active.

Si vous comptez tous les gens qui sont sous-employés, ou ceux qui travaillent à temps partiel ou ceux qui ont arrêté de chercher du travail, ce chiffre doit être revu à la hausse de plus 15% . Le taux de chômage devrait exploser et monter en flèche de 20 à 30% cette année.

Comme les sociétés commerciales majeures, les constructeurs automobiles, les industries pharmaceutiques, les fabricants de logiciels, les grands magasins, les petites entreprises et les galeries marchandes entières ferment en nombres sans précédent : plus de 600.000 personnes perdraient leurs emplois chaque mois. Ces chiffres devront augmenter de façon spectaculaire tout au long de l’année 2009.

Les prix du logement continuent de plancher pendant que les saisies des immeubles hypothéqués ont augmenté de 81% depuis 2007. Avec des milliers de familles frappées d’expulsion, ce chiffre pourrait atteindre 10 millions dans les prochains jours.

Le phénomène des sans-abri est en perpétuelle augmentation tandis que les centres d’entraide alimentaire et les logements de secours sont débordent de personnes dans les besoins. Le phénomène des familles entières sans abris a augmenté de 26% dans les alentours de Washington D.C

On anticipe que les découverts de cartes de crédit et les prêts d’achats des voitures vont massivement être impayées cette année, et qu’on prédit une débâcle financière du marché de l’immobilier.

Les Africains portent l’essentiel du poids de cette crise. Pour les Africains des Etats -Unis, cette réalité économique touche profondément une communauté déjà appauvrie.

Pour la communauté africaine des États-Unis, le taux de chômage officiel est de 11,9 % mais comme nous l’avons déjà démontré, le vrai taux de chômage est double lorsque nous ajoutons la catégorie des personne ayant renoncé à chercher un travail et celles qui sont sous-employées.

Officiellement, le chômage des jeunes dans la communauté africaine en dessous de 20 ans, est presque de 33 %, mais dans la réalité il est de 66% voire au-delà.

Il y a lieu de préciser que, pour la communauté africaine, un facteur supplémentaire doit être pris en considération: La guerre contre-insurrectionelle menée contre cette communauté a forcée des millions d’entre nous hors de la main-d’œuvre disponible pour le marché de l’emploi, et pour nous diriger vers le système de carcéral colonial américain qui rapporte des milliards de dollars de profits au système capitaliste parasitaire et au peuple blanc.

D’autres données économiques publiées récemment par « Le Pays du Rêve 2009 », ce rapport nous informa que : le revenu médian de ménage pour une famille africaine est de $38.269 contre $61.280 pour les familles blanches.

  • 24% de la population africaine vit en dessous du seuil de pauvreté contre 10% pour les blancs.
  • Avec la crise profonde actuelle on verra au moins un tiers des familles de la classe moyenne africaine rejoindre la classe des plus pauvres.
  • Dans la moitié des familles à bas revenu, après avoir payé son loyer, il ne restera que $257 pour un mois de nourriture, $ 29 pour se vêtir, et $ 9 pour les soins médicaux.

Malgré cette terrible condition, le Parti socialiste du Peuple Africain est en train de tout faire pour approfondir cette crise et accélérer la chute du pouvoir blanc qui nous a opprimés pendant plus de 500 ans. Nous n’avons aucun d'intérêt à chercher de réparer cette économie parasitaire.

Le parti est en train de construire l’Internationale Socialiste Africaine, (ASI), qui commence à grandir autour du monde. Une conférence récente d'ASI organisée en Sierra Leone a réuni des Africains de toute l’Afrique de l’Ouest en colère et assoiffés de liberté, brûlant d’envie de s’organiser pour libérer et réunir l’Afrique.

Du 15 au 18 mars 2009, l’International Socialiste Africaine se rencontrera à Nairobi pour construire l'ASI en Afrique de l'Est, au mois de mai, l'ASI organisera simultanément deux conférences durant la Journée de Libération Africaine à Manchester en Angleterre et à Washington D.C aux Etats-Unis. Et plus tard, cette même année, l'ASI se réunira en Afrique du Sud.

Le Parti a mis en place, aussi, le Programme d’auto suffisance pour le développent de tous les Africains (AAPDEP). Cela mis en équipe des ingénieurs, des spécialistes de la santé et des ingénieurs agricoles du monde entier pour travailler ensemble et avec les communautés africaines en Afrique et aux États-Unis pour leur s’autosuffisance.

AAPDEP a déjà réalisé des projets en Afrique comme le purificateur d’eau de pluie et des cliniques communautaires. Actuellement, elle organise les communautés des pécheurs, travaille sur la construction des puits pour l’agriculture et elle travaille pour la mise au point d’un réseau et d’une communauté africaine d’agriculteurs aux Etats -Unis.

Quand les travailleurs africains reprendront le pouvoir en Afrique, chaque homme, chaque femme et chaque enfant vivra dans la prospérité, la justice et l'indépendance.

Izwe Lethu i Afrika ! (La terre d’Afrique est à nous)


Free Abdi Wali Muse! 

The stories about so-called “pirates” seizing ships off the coast of Somalia that have peppered the international imperialist media for at least the past year or two became center stage with the April 8 seizure of a ship filled with U.S. sailors called Maersk Alabama. Now with the determination of the U.S. government to try 15-year-old Abdi Wali Muse as an adult after having murdered his other three companions with sniper fire after they had apparently surrendered, a lynch mob fervor inside the U.S. is being mobilized.

However, the question that anyone who knows the history of the U.S. in the East Africa region — or anywhere else in the world, for that matter — has to ask is, “Who are the real pirates?”

The reality is that the Africans being characterized as pirates are mostly fisherman being starved by imperialism’s actions of real piracy. The waters in that region are being overfished by European and Asian companies who steal more than $300 million worth of fish from Somalia’s waters every year. On top of that, European companies have been using Somalia’s waters as a dumping ground for deadly toxic waste that they wouldn’t have anywhere near their own shores for the past two decades.

U.S. and European piracy in Somalia is longstanding

But the U.S. and Europe’s piracy in Somalia began long before the overfishing and toxic dumping became known. The reality is that the Somalia, which is also called the Horn of Africa, plays an important role for the U.S. and Europe’s looting of oil wealth in the region. They used to have a lot of problems stealing that oil so they cut a ditch called the Suez Canal to divide that area of Africa and facilitate ships carrying this stolen wealth getting to Europe.

However, large oil tankers can’t get through the Suez Canal, so they have to go around the Horn of Africa. This has made Somalia of serious geo-political significance for the U.S. and Europe. The U.S. was intervening in Somalia during its struggle with the Soviet Union for geo-political influence.

The Soviets then had a relationship with Said Barre who was in power in Somalia. However, when the Soviet Union developed a relationship with the government that went into power in Ethiopia in coup d’état in 1974, its relationship with Barre soured. This is because of conflicts between the Ethiopian and Somalian states as a result of the artificial borders carved into Africa by Europe for its own interests.

Said Barre then developed a relationship with the U.S. However, when Barre’s despotic regime was chased out of power in 1991, it created a problem for the U.S. The U.S. imperialists started manipulating the situation in Somalia. The forces who overthrew Barre were united by their opposition to Barre’s terrible regime, but with him out of power their basis of unity was gone. There began a struggle for power using U.S. arms and what was left of Soviet arms in the country.

During the time that the U.S.-supported Barre regime was in power the U.S. had him hand over two-thirds of Somalia to U.S. oil companies. So former U.S. president George Herbert Walker Bush initiated a military intervention in Somalia in the 1992 as a lame duck president to protect the U.S. control over what has been described as a “valley of oil” underneath Somalia. In fact, the Conoco oil corporation’s compound in Mogadishu was used as the U.S. government’s headquarters when U.S. Marines landed there.

It was during this vicious military operation to secure the U.S. piracy efforts in Somalia that the events falsely characterized in the Hollywood movie Black Hawk Down occurred. It was during this period that the U.S. was bombing hospitals and residential centers in Somalia in order to facilitate stealing the oil there.

Fisherman from Somalia demand end to imperialist piracy

So now Africans who have been victims of U.S. and European imposed poverty and starvation are now being characterized as pirates. The reality is that in the face of respiratory infections, mouth ulcers and bleeding, skin infections and abdominal hemorrhages resulting from Europe’s deadly toxic dumping — added to severely depleted food supply from the theft of about $300 million of fish per year from Somalia’s waters — African fisherman from Somalia began using speedboats to intercept the U.S., European and Asian pirates to convince them to stop dumping the toxic waste and stealing the food supply of the African people or charge them for compensation.

One fisherman, Sugule Ali, stated, “We don't consider ourselves sea bandits. We consider sea bandits [to be] those who illegally fish and dump in our seas."

Obama uses Somalia situation as easy political target

The U.S. intervention in Somalia was clearly a political tactic used by neocolonial U.S. president Barack Obama to silence those who have called him too soft militarily. From the moment it was said in the media that U.S. sailors were on the Maersk Alabama ship, it became an opportunity to show his willingness to kill for U.S. imperialism to those who doubted him.

Unlike the quagmires the U.S. has been caught up in both in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Bush regime’s invasions, these four Africans on a lifeboat in the middle of the Indian Ocean served as easy targets wiping out with three quick sniper shots any question of Obama’s ability to kill colonized people for U.S. imperialist interests.

Hands off Abdi Wali Muse

U.S. courts have determined that it doesn’t matter that the young African who surrendered to the U.S. troops is only 15 years old. They will treat him as an adult.

The reality is that young Abdi Wali Muse is not unlike any other young African held in the U.S. prison system. He has no humanity in the eyes of his oppressor. If U.S. imperialism has its way, he will spend the rest of his young life joining the 1.5 million other African people held in U.S. prisons.

His imprisonment has nothing to do with any criminality. The fact is that the law is nothing but the opinion of the ruling class that has the ability to enforce its will by force. His only crime is that he dared to challenge U.S. imperialism’s ability to steal Africa’s resources.

We must demand that this process where the thieves put the victims on trial for piracy end. It is the U.S. and European governments that must be put on trial for theft of African resources and false imprisonment of not only Abdi Wali Muse, but the millions of Africans held in prisons or tied to prison systems in the U.S. and Europe.

Free Abdi Wali Muse! Jail the Real Pirates!