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The way forward: African Internationalism vs Cultural Nationalism 

African Internationalists correctly believe that the first step to our national liberation as a people is the struggle against colonialism and for the capture of state power by a united Africa and African people under the leadership of the African working class. Cultural nationalist groups and organizations, however, incorrectly feel that it is essential to relate to all the customs and traditions of Africa for our national liberation.

U.S. elections: A deadly fraud perpetrated against the people - especially Africans! 

WASHINGTON, DC—The African People’s Socialist Party said it in 1984 and it’s still true today. “No Confidence in the U.S. Government - Democratic or Republican, Male or Female, Black or White! All Power to the People! Black Power to the Black Community!” and “The People Must Win Power With Our Own Hands: Neither Jesse Jackson Nor The Democratic Party Can Bring Power to the Black Working Class” - from The Burning Spear Newspaper, August 1984.

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