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Burning Spear News

"One Voice! Many Fists!" 

The African National Women's Organization (ANWO) calls on African women, and our supporters to attend the 2021 Black Women’s Convention on July 10-11, 2021, which will be held virtually.

Don't lose Patience: Demand Arizona DCS return Patience McGhee! 

Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) illegitimately removed five-year-old Patience McGhee from the home of her loving parents, Aniya Butler and Peter McGhee. This removal was set in motion when mother, Aniya, refused to collaborate with Stonedale Property Management’s agenda to exclude a family friend from coming onto the property. What followed was a series of coercion and manipulation tactics along with false allegations of child neglect in order to force the eviction of Aniya and Peter from the property.

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