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Burning Spear News

The Burning Spear is ours! 

Since its 1968 founding, The Burning Spear newspaper has been the foremost voice of political and material support for the world's oppressed and exploited - Vietnam, Iran, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Occupied Palestine, Zimbabwe, Occupied Azania (South Africa), Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Congo, Walter Rodney's Guyana, and wherever else the people are struggling against colonialism and tyranny.

The Burning Spear newspaper has certainly been the glue most responsible for holding the African People's Socialist Party together as the revolutionary vanguard, black workers organization.

It has been the lifeline of our Party and has kept the struggles of Africans colonized within U.S. borders before the world, even in the era of Barack Hussein Obama.

From the movements to Free Joe Waller (Chairman Omali), Connie Tucker, and Pitts and Lee in Florida to the movements and struggles to Free Dessie Woods and to abolish the Death Penalty, the fighting history, spirit, and fortitude of the African People's Socialist Party is recorded in the pages of The Spear.

The movements to Free African Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War that resulted in the building of the African National Prison Organization.

And the building of the African National Reparations Organization, and the subsequent twelve consecutive World Tribunals that put the U.S.Government on trial for its crimes against African people were all recorded, promoted and gave definition through the pages of OUR SPEAR.

The great struggles for land reform with Measure O in Oakland, The Tampa 4, and the militant resistence movement to defeat the counter insurgency in St Petersburg, Florida following the murder of Tyron Lewis can be found in print in pages in The Burning Spear newspaper and the list goes on and on.

With this said, when is the last time you sold a subscription to The Burning Spear newspaper?

When is the last time you commented on an article posted on Uhuru News or written a Letter to the Editor of The Burning Spear?

When is the last time you sold your constitutionally required 100 copies of The Burning Spear?

Do you read The Burning Spear? Do you go to and read Uhuru News on the web?

The Burning Spear newspaper/Uhuru News serves the Revolution. They belong to you.

They are the best weapons we've got in our contest of ideas with the ideas of the enemies of our people and of all humanity.

A revolutionary organization can be judged by its commitment to print and publish its newspaper or journal on a consistent and timely basis.

This commitment to print, however, is only part of the equation.

Why this commitment is made is the other part of the equation.

We print because it is absolutely necessary for a common denominator whose trajectory is forwarding and making the African Revolution to have the ability to bind us together in practice, in ideology, and in organization.

We print because we are absolutely convinced, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are the voice of the oppressed, the advanced detachment of the international African working class.

The Burning Spear is that voice. Without The Burning Spear that voice is muted.

In 1968 Chairman Omali Yeshitela, because the Revolution demanded it, defied all the odds and founded, out of the most adverse circumstances, our news organ, The Burning Spear newspaper. The Burning Spear is ours!

Facebook is not ours! Twitter is not ours! The New York Times is not ours!

Democracy Now is not ours! The Oakand and Chicago Tribune are not ours!

All of these things belong to the white bourgeoisie. Why would we love and promote them more than we love The Burning Spear which is OURS!

In fact, why would we love them at all. The Burning Spear is a mighty weapon in the hands of the oppressed. These other things are mighty weapons in the hands of the oppressor.

We use them as we use the electoral process - to forward the revolution. Not at the expense of or a substitute for revolutionary practice, communication, and journalism.

How can we justify making a hundred comments on Facebook in two weeks and not a single comment on Uhuru News in four months. This is inexcusable.

The Burning Spear newspaper is our weapon to promote cohesiveness, camaraderie, sameness, unity, and African Revolution; and above all selling The Burning Spear is the basic, day to day work of the Party cadre and membership.

Let's get organized and put THE SPEAR in the hands of the people.


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