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What's in an African name? History, identity and self-determination 

The issue of names and naming is really powerful.

It’s so deep and profound, more than what most of us ever think about. Most of us don’t think about our names, where we come from, what our names mean, anything like that, which in and of itself is a problem. But we never think about that.

Names are really important because names connect you to a past, to your history. Names are not just things floating out there in the world, but if you want to even look back and see where you came from and dig into your roots, the name is fundamental. It comes from someplace.


African Internationalism, not feminism, is the theory of the African woman 

According to the feminist movement, the basic principle of feminist thought is that women should be equal to men politically, economically and socially.

Even though feminism did not become a household name until the 1970s, the first wave of feminism was already expressed in the early nineteenth century, mainly in places such as the United States, France and the UK, where we see the birth and emergence of the oldest feminist movements.