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The imperialist crisis in Sweden and the growth of African Internationalism 

Our solid goals are as follows: To free Africa and her scattered people; To build a single united African nation, where the means of production is in the hands of the workers themselves. We are talking about the dictatorship of the African working class.

Wherever we are located in the world, our freedom will only depend on our capacity to organize for revolution!

I call on all freedom loving Africans to join the African People’s Socialist Party!

Join the African Socialist International!

The fall of traditional parties in Europe: The case of Italy and Austria 

LONDON—Europe has entered a period of turbulence that produces uncertainty in many ways. The white population is concerned that uncertainty has become the norm.

Every election seems to throw a dismal outcome for the traditional parties and their rulers, despite the huge back up and fanciful predictions they get from their bourgeois mainstream press at the  service of the capitalist class.

Italy’s recent elections on Sunday, December 4, 2016 added fuel to the growing crisis in Europe, where the mainstream parties and their leaders were successfully challenged by new political forces. 

Brexit: The fall of the British pound points to the fall of the dollar 

LONDON—We hear less now of the special relationship between the UK and the U.S. The capitalist crisis is so severe that every imperialist is too busy looking after themselves. 

Washington begged the British to stay in the EU, as Obama travelled to the UK to lecture the British about the necessities of staying within the European Union and Western imperialist realm. 

But the British public, guided by various demagogue white nationalist leaders, who did not plan for the consequence or outcome they were fighting for, gave the leave EU campaign a resounding victory.

Now the effects of the victory are sinking in and a new round of contradictions are emerging. The first one is the crumbling economy.