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Trump's inauguration and the exposing of white nationalism 

Donald John Trump was inaugurated as the president of U.S. on January 20, 2017. He became the 45th president to take office.

He began his inauguration speech by thanking the past U.S. presidents that were present at the ceremony, including Barack Obama, whom Trump claimed a fierce opposition to during his campaign.

This shows that Trump is aligned with imperialism and simply used backlash against the black president to consolidate the white working class.

The African People's Socialist Party puts revolution back on the agenda with a magnificent Plenary!  

The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) held its 2017 Plenary on January 7 through 9, 2017 at its headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL. 

The theme for this year's Plenary was “Putting Revolution Back on the Agenda.”

The Plenary was a revolutionary experience in every sense of the word as over 100 comrades traveled from all around the country and as far away as the Caribbean (Bahamas) and Europe (Sweden). The three-day Plenary was filled with political education, dynamic reports of the Party’s work for 2016, a variety of cultural performances and even an African naming ceremony.

InPDUM Sunday Resistance Rallies! 

It’s December 11, 2016, and the doors to the Akwaaba Hall are unlocking at 3:30 PM. One African man strolls in, signs his name, enters the room and takes a seat in the second row.

Following suit are two, three, four more Africans from the South side of St. Pete; mothers with their children and fathers carrying grocery bags filled with items for the delicious Karamu (feast in Swahili).

Oscar Brown Jr. walked and talked self-determination 

Oscar Brown Jr. walked and talked self-determination

There are many African artists who deserve recognition from our youth and the world. Oscar Brown, Jr. (October 10, 1926 – May 29, 2005) is one such artist.

Brown was more than an artist. OBJ––as we referred to him back in the day––was a human rights activist in addition to performing as a singer, songwriter, playwright, and poet. OBJ influenced Richard Pryor and Gil Scott-Heron.