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Burning Spear News

Black Power is on the FM airwaves in St. Pete: Revolution is in the air! 

IT’S ON!!! Thanks to the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF), Africans locally in St. Petersburg, FL. can now hear the glorious sounds of resistance on their FM radio dial. This is a great victory for our community!

The switch was flipped and Black Power 96.3 FM went live on the airwaves in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The excitement couldn't be contained as comrades ran out to their vehicles to hear Black Power on the radio.

2016: A year of African resistance! 

2016 has been a critical year, characterized by the increasing resistance of African and Indigenous people, worldwide. As we enter 2017, we will look at some of the key moments that marked this year, 2016.

REVOLUTIONARY CULTURE & ECONOMICS Introducing NZO: African Styles at Home and Abroad 

The much anticipated launch of the African People's Education & Defense Fund's (APEDF) newest economic enterprise, NZO, took place at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles (UFC) on Tuesday, November 1st, in Philadelphia. 

"NZO - African Styles at Home and Abroad" is an exciting new African design product line developed by APEDF to expand the economic base for the rising African independent economy.