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Burning Spear News

Attorney files Notice of Intent to Sue the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office on One Year Anniversary of drowning of three black girls 

On Friday, March 31, 2017 at 10am, on the one year anniversary of the drowning of three black girls, Dominique Battle, Ashaunti Butler, and La’Niyah Miller, Attorney Aaron T. O'Neal, counsel for Kunde Mwamvita (Yashica Clemmons), mother of one of the three girls Dominique Battle, will be filing a Notice of Intent to Sue the Pinellas Sheriff’s Office for the drowning of Dominique Battle.


The African People's Socialist Party defined the role of white people in our struggle for African liberation  

The question of the relationship and role of white people in history and in the struggle for socialism and African liberation is one that has long plagued our movement. 

African people have a bloody history with the white population. White people have historically functioned as arms of the oppressive colonial state against us, motivated to do so by the reward of colonial booty, elevated social relevance and a putrid ideology arising from a vicious social system based on genocide, slavery and colonialism.

White people have created in the African world conflicting responses that run the gamut of hatred, awe, fear, servile obedience, permanent suspicion and unrelenting resistance.