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Burning Spear News

With radical platform, 20-year-old Eritha “Akilé” Cainion campaigns for city council seat in St. Petersburg, Florida’s August elections 

ST. PETERSBURG, FL––Eritha “Akilé” Cainion Cainion threw her hat into the race to become the next councilperson for District 6 in St. Pete on Monday, March 6, 2017. The 22-year-old African woman made the announcement during a press conference held in front of the recently shutdown Walmart with her proud parents and a group of enthusiastic supporters.

Eritha’s participation in the local white ruling class electoral process of St. Pete is different from any other election in recent U.S. history due to her committed relationship and work within revolutionary organizations.

From the petty bourgeoisie ideology of Intersectional Feminism to the materialist revolutionary theory of African Internationalism 

Ever since I came into adulthood, I have always understood my oppression as a non-white woman, gender non-conforming and same-gender-loving person, among other marginalized, intersecting identities. However, this understanding was steeped in liberal ideology; my understanding was initially informed by a white, colonial narrative.

The increase in the African women prison population is an attack on the African nation  

Throughout the month of March, feminists celebrate ‘International Women’s History Month’ but fail miserably to mention some of the major issues facing African women. The ‘achievements’ of white women, along with petty bourgeois Negro women, are held in high regard, while ignoring the fact that most of these so-called achievements are made at the expense of poor and working class African women.

Embarking on the one-year anniversary of the drowning of three teenage African girls by Florida sheriffs 

ST. PETERSBURG––A horrendous crime was committed on March 31, 2016 by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This crime was the murder of three teenage African girls, Dominique Battle, La’Niyah Miller and Ashaunti Butler, which violently ripped them from their families.

The tragedy began when deputy Howard Skaggs saw the girls driving, to which he pulled up behind them in an attempt to harass and intimidate them.