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Rest in uhuru: Jimmie Goshey, Dejarae Thomas and Keontae Brown 

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department released to the city on the morning of Aug. 6th that six African teenagers were involved in a fatal car crash in Palm Harbor. As a result, three of the young boys were killed; one placed in critical condition and two arrested.


When I heard this, I couldn’t help but find a bit of myself dying as well, knowing that three lives were taken from this community that morning. Unfortunately, that feeling got a lot worse when I found out that these boys were illegally chased by an aggressive and trained cop squad forcing them to crash into a billboard pole, spiraling through the air and ending their short lives.

Rapper J. Cole visits San Quentin prison in California during Black August 

Rapper J. Cole visited prisoners at the birthplace of Black August—San Quentin State Prison—on August 1, 2017.

Cole made the prison visit during the middle of the North American leg of his "4 Your Eyez Only tour." 

BlackAugust originated in the prison camp of San Quentin 1979. African prisoners would wear black armbands to remember the heroic, revolutionary actions of the #SoledadBrothers, the San Quentin Six, Jonathan Jackson, Khatari Gaulden and all our fallen Freedom Fighters. 

Four put to death in Arkansas in one week: The black movement must defeat the anti-African “legal” death penalty in the U.S.! 

LITTLE ROCK, AR.—The state of Arkansas, in a span of eight days from April 20-27, 2017, committed State-sanctioned executions of four death row inmates by injecting them with a mixture of lethal chemicals.

Three of those inmates were colonial African subjects.

The spate of legal executions began with Arkansas frantically moving forward to kill eight people within an eleven-day period.

They were rushing the executions because their stock of midazolam, the powerful sedative used in their deadly injection “cocktail,” had a “use by” date of April 30, 2017 stamped on it.