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Burning Spear News

D.A. Seth Williams must go to jail! End the mass imprisonment of African people! 

PHILADELPHIA-The Black Is Back Coalition’s Black Community Control of Police working group attended a demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter, PA centered on the demand for the resignation of district attorney Seth Williams on March 27, 2017.  

The Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) is clear that it is not enough to only call for Williams’ removal. Williams must go to jail for malicious prosecution and participation in selling prisoners for profit.

Newly-released video of Mike Brown proves what African people already knew 

About 100 protestors gathered outside of the convenience store Mike Brown visited on August 9, 2014 shortly before he was murdered in cold blood by now former Ferguson cop, Darren Wilson on March 12, 2017. The protest was sparked by a clip of newly-released video showing Brown at the convenience store the night before his murder. The video was used in a documentary about his murder, titled “Stranger Fruit.” It was featured at the SXSW film festival last month.

Before the murder of Mike Brown, the African community in Ferguson, already under military occupation by the police on a daily basis, saw that military occupation quadruple in size with the addition of tanks, troops and martial law after Mike’s murder.

Embarking on the one-year anniversary of the drowning of three teenage African girls by Florida sheriffs 

ST. PETERSBURG––A horrendous crime was committed on March 31, 2016 by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department in St. Petersburg, Florida.

This crime was the murder of three teenage African girls, Dominique Battle, La’Niyah Miller and Ashaunti Butler, which violently ripped them from their families.

The tragedy began when deputy Howard Skaggs saw the girls driving, to which he pulled up behind them in an attempt to harass and intimidate them.