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Why we must build CURED  

Midway through the campaign to elect Akilé Anai for District 6 councilwoman and Jesse Nevel for mayor in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Campaign Committee determined to form a new organization as the umbrella for precinct organizing for the duration of the election.

Inspired by the campaign slogan of “Unity through Reparations,” we named this new organization, Communities United for Reparations and Economic Development. The name and its acronym, CURED, were also inspired by the broad-based organization that Chairman Omali Yeshitela built after his 2001 run for mayor of St. Petersburg, Citizens United for Shared Prosperity (CUSP).

Uhuru campaign committee waged powerful ground war in St. Pete election 

The 2017 Committee to Elect Akilé (Cainion) Anai for District 6 city councilwoman and Jesse Nevel for mayor of St. Petersburg, FL was led by the African People’s Socialist Party and made up of youthful forces powered by the slogans “Unity through Reparations!” and “Radical Times; Radical Solutions!”

For six months, from early March through August 29, the joint campaign committee was a powerhouse of energy, enthusiasm and commitment waging an outstanding ground war to elect the dynamic young candidates who excited the African working class to come out and vote for their own interests for the first time ever.

African Liberation Day – Occupied Azania (South Africa): Onward to building the African People’s Socialist Party in Azania! 

The African People’s Socialist Party – Occupied Azania is happy to announce that the very first African Liberation Day (ALD) in Occupied Azania (South Africa) and possibly the entire African continent was successfully held!

We held our historic ALD celebration on the 27th of May, 2017. The events leading up to it saw us struggling within our Movement to get organizers to assist in work like agitation and propaganda and logistics as well as meeting new forces that held the fort even though they had just learned about the Uhuru Movement. Although these were contradictions (both negative and positive), we succeeded in our objective.

We held the celebration at Kagiso in Gauteng Province on Saturday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. African people came from Johannesburg and Kagiso itself, Fochville and the Vaal. The African People’s Socialist Party had been preparing this event for three months and was able to put up posters, social media as well as spread the word tactically wherever its members were.