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Congo's young people demand weapons to fight against Kabila’s regime following his assassination of a traditional leader and other crimes against the African working class 

LONDON––In August 2016, the illegitimate and illegal Congolese government run by Joseph Kabila, Evariste Boshab, Lambert Mende and others performed a coward assassination of Kamuina Nsapu, a traditional leader in Tshimbulu Town, West Kasai province of Congo.

The Nsapu assassination and subsequent massacres of his followers by arms of the State have outraged massive numbers of people across Congo and around the world.

Now that Yaya Jammeh has gone, let’s step up the struggle to eradicate neocolonialism in Gambia 

Adama Barrow, a property businessman, won the presidential elections held on the 1st December 2016, in Gambia, West Africa. Barrow secured 43.34 percent against Yaya Jammeh, who obtained 39.6 percent and Mama Kandeh received 17.1 percent. The voter turnout was of 58.76 percent.

That is 222,708 marbles for Adama Barrow, 208 487 marbles for Yaya Jammeh and 89,768 marbles for Mama Kandeh.

Black History Month is a celebration of integration and neocolonialism 

USA—Since 1976, the month of February has been regarded as ‘Black History Month,’ a time where the colonial education system along with colonial media highlight the so-called accomplishments of certain Africans they consider safe and harmless to the colonialist status quo. The entire month is filled with selling petty bourgeois aspirations to African youth.

Every year, African children are told stories about how Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of a bus, how Africans fought to drink from the same water fountains and use the same toilets as white people, and are encouraged to memorize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, none of which speak to what it truly means to struggle for self-determination.

Black History Month does very little to benefit our people, if anything at all. At most, our children are being taught that our greatest accomplishments have been inventing the hot comb (Madam CJ Walker) and peanut butter (George Washington Carver), while learning nothing about our true heroes, heroines and leaders—those who fought for our freedom.

Under imperialist domination, nothing comes out of Africa peacefully 

We have always said that nothing leaves Africa peacefully. In the last 600 years, there has been no genuine trade or cooperation between Africa and the rest of the world, particularly with Europe.

There is a human life cost for every extraction of our labor and natural resources by parasitic capitalist companies in Africa and throughout African communities around the world, which is not recognized in the price of merchandise in the capitalist market.