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Standing Rock still standing against settler colonialism 

A judge in  U.S. federal court ordered the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to deliver a new report on the environmental risks associated with the Dakota Access Pipeline on June 14, 2017.

This decision came down after the Indigenous group known as the Standing Rock Sioux of North Dakota began a fierce resistance in 2016 that continues today against the colonial State and Energy Transfer Partners, a parasitic capitalist energy company.

The court gave the order, citing that the Army Corps of Engineers did not fully investigate the potential environmental hazards that come along with the construction of the pipeline so close to the water and natural resources on which the Standing Rock Sioux rely for survival.

The murder of Bakari Henderson: African beaten to death in Greece 

Zakynthos, GR.—A 22-year-old African man, Bakari Henderson, was beaten to death outside of a bar in Laganas, Greece on July 7, 2017.

Various bourgeois U.S. media outlets have reported Bakari’s death as a “Brawl that killed American” or “Death of U.S. tourist in Greece”; but Bakari Henderson was killed because he was an African.


Trump aligns with Obama’s agenda in bombing Syria! 

Donald Trump, the billionaire U.S. president, who during his campaign said that regime change in Syria would not be his top priority and called for cooperation with Russia to fight ISIS/AL Qaida and associated “Islamist Jihadists” groups, stunned the world by launching an unprovoked attack of 59 tomahawk missiles against Syria’s Shayrat military air base in April 2017.