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It's Time to Defeat the Petty Bourgeoisie in Kenya!

May 6, 2018
Kasuku Adhiambo

Raila Odinga represents the liberal sector of the petty bourgeoisie, not the working class Africans in Kenya


Kenya has basically degenerated to the ruthless KANU era in the last six months since the August 2017 election.  

Not even the 2010 constitution’s promise of a democratic rejuvenation has deterred the Jubilee government led by petty bourgeoisie “president” Uhuru Kenyatta from enforcing its brutal and neocolonialist rule against the interests of the poor black working class and peasantry.

From the reintroduction of colonial-style detention without trial and intimidation of both the judiciary and the press and overactive ethnic propaganda machinery, it’s only a matter of time until the purging season of vocal government critics begins. 

This is nothing new for the poor working class who have always borne the brunt of the incessant, trivial squabbling between the government and petty bourgeoisie opposition figures led by Raila Odinga.

Kenyatta’s government has shown that it is not averse to killing large numbers of citizens in order to cling to power.

Now that U.S. imperialists blatantly support the government, whom they consider the best bet for preserving the colonial, parasitic capitalist system that safeguards their interests above those of ordinary Kenyans, the likelihood of Kenyatta working for the poor working class Africans will not happen. Kenyatta will not abandon his class interests.

The  African poor working class in Kenya can either sit back, be docile and hope the hapless, disorganized, just-as-corrupt petty bourgeoisie opposition led by Raila Odinga “liberates” them, or they can lead the Revolution.

With an imminent famine coming our way, and the government’s lack of priorities, it’s time for us to organize for real African self-determination that requires the defeat of the petty bourgeoisie in Kenya.


This year alone, interest on public debt is budgeted at KSh320bn ($3.2 billion USD), up from KSh135bn ($1.3 billion USD) five years ago, an increase of 137 percent.

Interest on foreign debt is projected at Ksh90bn ($900 million USD), up from Ksh16bn ($160 million USD) some five years ago; this is an obscene 460 percent increase.

Interest cost share of revenue has increased from 14 percent to 22 percent. Five years ago, interest on debt was just under half of the wage bill.

It is now 80 percent.  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) leeches in Kenya are loving this ballooning debt. This government is adamant that debt is under control.

After borrowing over KShs3 trillion ($30 billion USD) in five years we still can't feed ourselves, hospitals can't offer quality treatment, schools are still run-down, our people are still living in shantytowns and public transport is still as chaotic as ever.

Meanwhile, the poor African class continues to live in crippling poverty as the government is on its borrowing spree to fund unsustainable wage bills and acquire the latest SUVs for government officials.

Over 3 million Kenyans are facing starvation. In 2018, the poor have nothing left to eat. We must organize to stop Europe, North America and China from looting our resources at our expense.

It’s time for us, the working class, to rise up and fight back against the petty bourgeoisie class! We have received enough blows and it is time for the other side to feel the blows.  

It’s time to shun myopic tribal politics and fortify our solidarity and unity as impoverished African workers, peasants, and the toiling masses of Africa and go against the colonialists and their neocolonialist puppets.

We are the proletariat.  We are the ones coerced into paying back the IMF and Chinese loan sharks with our precious resources as the ruling class including Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta to keep us distracted.  

Enough is enough! The revolution is beckoning and will not be televised. The media continues to face the onslaught from the Jubilee government, but despite this, it will happen.

The poor have nothing to lose. We have everything to gain by ‘smashing the bourgeoisie. Down with these neocolonialist puppets! Let’s beat them!




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