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Southern Region of the APSP Participates in Mafundi Lake Memorial

May 5, 2018

Carolyn Weyni Lake, wife of Mafundi Lake and Kobina Bantushango, Southeastern Regional Representative of the African People's Socialist Party


On March 3, 2018, The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Southern Regional Committee participated in a Memorial Tribute Honoring one of the Black Power Movement’s greatest hero’s, Mafundi Lake.

Over a 150 people─friends, family and Comrades─poured into Miles College Brown Hall for the celebration of Mafundi’s life. The Moment you walked into the Brown Hall, you saw pictures, articles and boards of the life of an organizer.

You see pictures of Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the influence he had on Mafundi’s organizational life. The ground was set up for the honoring of our Comrade.

Various organizations presented testimony of the courageousness of our bright soldier. The African People’s Socialist Party Chairman, Omali Yeshitela, wrote a powerful tribute and resolution that was presented by the Southern Regional Representative, Kobina Bantushango. The family and audience received them both well.

The tribute raised Mafundi up as a fierce and courageous organizer. The resolution was read and presented to the wife and family of Comrade Mafundi, Carolyn Weyni Njeri Lake.

The resolution discussed Mafundi’s work in the African People’s Socialist Party and The African Nationalist Prison Organization (ANPO). Comrade Mafundi’s family welcomed the African People’s Socialist Party with open arms.

The Celebration ended with Carolyn Weyni Njeri Lake singing one of the Chairman’s favorite songs by her, “Freedom Medley”.

Afterwards, there were refreshments and a discussion about Mafundi and his organizing with the APSP.

We laughed and told stories about the comradery of Mafundi and Omwale Kefing organizing in Birmingham, AL. It was good for other Comrades in the region to hear the history of the Party on the ground organizing in Alabama.

The stories and courageousness of Mafundi had a great impact on the Comrades. Carolyn Weyni and other organizers talked about before Mafundi’s last arrest when he literally did a life sentence, dying 31 years after continued incarceration for a crime he did not commit.

Mafundi was arrested only 10 days after he successfully organized an African Liberation Day Demonstration and Conference in the housing projects of Birmingham, AL. 

Long Live Mafundi Lake! Long Live the APSP!




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