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Filipino youth express solidarity from Anakbayan D.C. at 14th annual Black is Back Coalition's March on the White House

Dec 4, 2022

Comrade Brittany and other members of Anakbayan of the Filipino movement at the BIBC March on the White House



My name is Brittany. I’m with Anakbayan D.C., which is a grassroots Filipino youth organization that fights for human rights and democracy in the Philippines.

We are grateful to be here with all of you today in struggle to amplify the messages of Hands off Uhuru! Hands off Africa! Stop the FBI attacks against the African People’s Socialist Party!

As Filipino youth here in the belly of the beast, we understand the key role of solidarity. As we struggle for national democracy to fight against the imperialist machinery, movements like ours need to build a genuine united front of solidarity to strike in all of the fronts.

An attack on the African People’s Socialist Party is an attack on the world socialist movement. Learning of the FBI’s cowardly attacks on the Uhuru Movement reminded me of the identical tactics by the U.S.-backed Duterte and Marcos regime on our movement and its leaders, including the revolutionary artist Parts Bagani.

In the middle of the night on August 16th of last year, police raided the home of Parts Bagani and brutally murdered him as he lay unarmed and alongside his spouse. Just like the U.S. government fabricated the bogus explanation for their attack on the Chairman, the Filipine police and military constructed false claims to justify his murder in the attempt to weaken the people’s movement.

As our movements grow in power, the U.S. government and puppet regimes around the world are forced to develop new strategies for oppression both here and in the Philippines.

In the face of this overwhelming tyranny, Anakbayan will continue the Filipino youths’ long tradition of resistance and solidarity alongside our comrades of the African Peoples Socialist Party to condemn the State’s sanctioned terror of the U.S. government and to demand Hands off Uhuru! Hands off Chairman Omali! Hands off Africa!

Mabuhay Uhuru!

Mabuhay Chairman Omali!

Mabuhay Africa!

And long live the African people’s socialist movement!


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