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"Uhuru on the Move" launches in Philadelphia

Jun 9, 2021
Ona Zené Yeshitela, Deputy Chair of the African People's Socialist Party

"I was more than pleased with Uhuru’s moving service! The men were fantastic, fast and professional. I’m definitely going to recommend Uhuru on the Move to my friends and family." - Yvette, Uhuru Furniture’s bank manager pictured with the team


Latest economic initiative of the African People's Education and Defense Fund

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) is excited to launch a new African self-determination institution, Uhuru on the Move (UOM), a full service moving and hauling company.

African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela envisioned this spinoff to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles a few years ago, and now we’re in place to carry this out, starting in Philadelphia as the model that can be duplicated in many other cities.

Uhuru on the Move is providing crucial services to our community with free estimates for moving, clean-outs, packing and packing materials, hauling, assembly and disassembly of furniture.

UOM is part of the strategy of the Black Power Blueprint to meet the genuine needs of the African community, creating employment, economic development and job training and bringing resources to the 50+ APEDF programs led by the Office of Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela.

Moving companies are notorious for unprincipled practices of scamming people that particularly target the African community, but UOM brings the stance of the Uhuru Movement of outstanding customer service based on the love of our community.

Uhuru Furniture has been a popular institution in Philly for over 27 years and has built a huge base of support for the APEDF Mission and programs through our customers, donors and volunteers.

People have already expressed that they want to use UOM services and will spread the word to their families and friends.

APEDF appreciates UOM Job Coordinator Bub Myers who has brought his professional experience and skills in all aspects of the work to help build this new institution.

Bub Myers, UOM Job Coordinator

Bub has been building and training the UOM team, and he has led all the moving and clean-out jobs that we’ve done so far, to the great satisfaction of all our clients.

APEDF recently sat down with Bub to discuss the significance and potential for UOM. He stated that, "I’ve been doing moving for 25 years and I like the challenges.

"I’m bringing my skills to APEDF to help grow UOM to build it worldwide. I’m bringing what I learned from my training with Two Men and a Truck to build UOM to get it up and running to be a model for every city and country for long distance and local moves.

“I want to pass on those skills. We’re creating a training program for potential employees starting with what APEDF stands for, its history and what the resources contribute to.

"We train people in the proper protocol for lifting techniques, wrapping, strapping the furniture down, navigation responsibilities and the determination to get it done.

“We need people who want to work and understand that when UOM grows, they grow too. I’m excited because it’s being built from the ground up and is going to take off, and the better quality of service we provide, it will grow non-stop.

"We’ll need a bigger space, more trucks and more employees.

“I believe the moving business is endless. People are always moving so it’s a service that is always needed.

"I want to provide leadership and professionalism because when you’re out in the field, you’re representing the African People’s Education and Defense Fund.

"When I tell people about APEDF and explain it to them, they light up, and they want to support it and tell their friends. It’s exciting work, and these are exciting times.

“I’ll do whatever is needed to make UOM a household name. Uhuru on the Move in Philly’s going to be a model to go anywhere. I see it, I dreamt it and it’s going to happen.

"The Chairman and Deputy Chair outlined the mandates, so this is the least I can do in such an incredible organization. I’m glad to be a part of what’s happening right now.

"I look forward to building strong teams and providing leadership for the African working class. I appreciate Chairman Omali Yeshitela and DC Ona Zené Yeshitela for all their hard work and I’m going to make it happen!”

UOM is happening! Join the team!

APEDF calls on African workers to come forward to help build Uhuru on the Move. We’re hiring experienced movers who are excited about the APEDF mission and vision.

Call 267-225-7322 or email us at [email protected]. You can email your resume or come into Uhuru Furniture during store hours at 832 N. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

"My life as a full time performing artist keeps me on the move. I have found a great relationship with Uhuru Furniture & Collectible’s Moving Services. They have taken extra care of my personals and my most precious collectibles... my instruments!" -Karen Smith

Wrapping and unloading techniques

Nate can lift anything.

Bub and Nate on the job.

"We had a wonderful stress free moving experience thanks to Uhuru. I would 100% recommend them to our friends and family. Their pricing was fair and they were extremely positive and professional."- Catherine and Dan


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