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Watch this message: Unity through reparations

May 23, 2019

My name is Anne Hirsch and with your support I will be the next District 5 city councilperson right here in St. Petersburg, Florida.

I’m running on a platform of unity through reparations, a progressive agenda that begins with justice and economic development for the black community, as a starting point to solve all the problems in the city.

We all want to see an end to sewage dumped in our neighborhoods and in Tampa Bay. Let’s tax the developers, not the people, to repair the sewage infrastructure in our city.

We must end police violence in the black community.

When I am elected we will restructure the city budget to focus on affordable housing and economic development. That’s how we create real public safety.

The current city administration continues to divide our city, but we can unite: unity through reparations.

This campaign is not funded by big-money corporations. We need you.

We need palm cards, yard signs and t-shirts. Go to right now. Make your contribution and sign up to volunteer.

Vote August 27th! Unity through reparations!


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