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Stephon Clark

Jun 4, 2018
Iniko Kitemoma

Stephon Clark (22) was shot and killed on the evening of March 18, 2018 by two Sacramento, California pigs


SACRAMENTO, CA.--On March 18, 2018, the Sacramento police department received reports of someone who was breaking car windows and attempting to break into vehicles.

After these reports came through, two cops were dispatched to the Meadowview neighborhood, a place where one of Stephon Clark’s grandmothers resides.

A police helicopter that was also dispatched to this area spotted an unknown person in an area near Stephon’s grandmother’s house.

Footage obtained by police body cameras shows the police confronting Stephon, who then ran from them.

These cops charged after him to the backyard and both cops immediately opened fire and shot over 20 bullets to ensure this young African was dead.

Eight of the bullets hit Stephen with six striking him in his back.

There is nothing to prove that Stephen Clark was the person that the helicopter footage shows in an infra-red image. The cops always make up stories.

Shortly following the murder, other cops arrived on the shooting scene, and when these cops began to discuss the situation, both of the two original cops muted their audio, to mask whatever conversation that occurred between them.

This is just another one of hundreds of situations where Africans are relentlessly murdered by the police in the U.S.

We see a lot of people coming out, saying that the resolution to this issue is to push for more body cameras, or to train our youth to treat the cops with kindness and respect.

They say we should even have black judges hear these charges in court, if they even make it that far in the judicial world.

Well, the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is putting forth that to put an end to African people’s colonial relationship to the State.

We must demand black community control of the police.

As it stands now, the police is an occupying army in the black community.

They are tied to and answer to the bourgeois state apparatus and carry out the objectives and duties of that power.

That power was built on the foundation of looting, theft, colonization and murder of Africa and African people, as well as the mass genocide of the Indigenous peoples of this land we call America.

The survival of this parasitic social system known as capitalism exists with the reality that African people must starve and be disconnected with their land and its resources.

Then the State must have a body of violent law enforcers that can make sure that these Africans are kept away from their resources completely.

As we know, law is nothing but the opinion of the ruling class. This is the reason you see constant police occupation in the black community and hardly any police occupation in white communities.

In the white community, the police would not be separating stolen colonial resources from colonized people.

The stolen resources would be where they want them—in the colonizers hands.

The police have a more accurate responsibility in the black community, which is to keep the colonized masses from having access to their resources.  

This method upholds and sustains the same social system which oppresses them.

Our relationship with the police cannot stand how it currently functions. When we say that the black community needs to lead the police, we are calling for something known as Black Community Control of the Police!

This means that the African community will have complete jurisdiction over who is hired, fired and disciplined to act as the police in our communities.

This demand moves Africans from a place of having no power in our communities and what is allowed in our communities to now taking control of these parasitic relationships that Africans see on a daily basis with white power.

This will be the demand and policy that prevents people like Stephon Clark, from mercilessly being slain at the hands of the police, and others like him who have been murdered by this same vicious system.

Long Live Stephon Clark!

Long Live the African People’s Socialist Party!



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