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Commemorating Patrice Lumumba: Long Live the African Martyr!

Jan 20, 2018
Chairman Omali Yeshitela

Editor note: This piece was written by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People's Socialist Party, commemorating one of Africa's fiercest fighters for independence, Patrice Lumumba, during our period of celebration of African Martyr's Day.

On January 17, 1960 the U.S. government under the leadership of lame-duck president Dwight David Eisenhower and president-elect John Fitzgerald Kennedy assisted the French and Belgium governments in the brutal assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the newly elected prime minister of Congo.

The assassination of Lumumba was part of an overall international effort of imperialist white power to push back the gains being made by colonized peoples worldwide to win our freedom, happiness and the return of our resources that have been looted by white power since the inception of our relationship.

Joseph Okito, the Congo’s Senate leader and Maurice Mpolo, the Youth and Sport Minister were also murdered with Lumumba on January 17.

Within four days of voting for its political independence from Belgium colonialism the Belgians moved to destroy Congo’s sovereignty. Belgium’s colonial occupation military forces overtook the key areas in Congo and the entire international white power was mobilized to prevent the consolidation of black power in Congo, the “Heart of Africa.”

Nevertheless, it is clear to us that today, during the period of our celebration of African Martyr’s Day, the will of the people of Congo and Africans forcibly dispersed around the world, is strong.

Daily the masses are on the move in Congo and cities around the world commemorating the life of Lumumba, one of Africa’s greatest sons and struggling against the corrupt neocolonial regime of Joseph Kabila.

This time we will fight 'til it’s won! National resistance of our people is on the rise, this time under the banner of African Internationalism.

We are growing thousands and millions of Lumumbas. Okito and Mpolo live in our struggle today. We are growing! Imperialism is on the run everywhere!

We are winning!
Long live Patrice Lumumba!
Long live the African martyr!


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