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Plane crashes in the heart of the black community!

Oct 20, 2017
Elikya Ngoma, African People’s Socialist Party, [email protected]

Plane crashes amid mysterious circumstances


Plane crashes near the Uhuru Houses; pilot Manuel Izquierdo takes off!

St. Petersburg, Florida—A plane crashed less than a block away from the Uhuru House on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 3:45pm. A total of 5 people were injured and 3 cars totaled. Amongst the three injured was an African woman and her grandson.

Paramedics were called to the scene immediately and arrived about five minutes later. They ignored the Africans who were obviously hurt and on the ground to help the people who were still on the plane. The pilot, Manuel Izquierdo, was the first to receive rescue before he took off running.

It is currently unknown from where they were flying, but the plane was headed to the Albert Whitted Airport—an airport rumored to be an entry port for illegal and deadly drugs that the CIA strategically pushes into the African community of Southside, St. Pete.

The community is expected to believe that the crash was an “emergency landing” and that nothing suspicious was taking place. We are also expected to believe that Izquierdo ran off for fear of the plane exploding, although footage shows that he remained near the plane until members of the community began to come around.

It should be noted that Manuel Izquierdo is from North Bay Village City, FL. The Mayor of North Bay Village City was born in Bogota, Colombia, home of the CIA-backed cocaine cartels. Also, one of North Bay Villages’ commissioners is currently being sued for having run for office despite his ineligibility due to a prior felony cocaine conviction.

It is clear that this was just another counterinsurgency act to bring drugs into our community, but this time they were caught in the act!

Black community control of the narrative

Black Power 96.3 FM reporter and camerawoman Elikya Ngoma and Tonya Mechelle were two of the first reporters to make it to the scene. We were initially told that if we walked around the perimeter established by the police and up another street, we would be able to be where we needed to be to get our stories.

After making that walk, we were still denied access to the scene by 3 police officers, despite having our official press badges and being in our own community. We continuously asked the pigs why we were excluded from being among the bourgeois media and received no real answers.

At most, we were told it was the supervisor—a black pig who refused to answer us at all—who instructed them to deny us entry. The two remaining pigs—one black and one white—both threatened us by inching toward us with their hands on their guns and smiling menacingly.

The black pig, Hudson, told us to “just get behind the line” and forced us to back away from the scene by violating our personal space. Members of the community began asking the pigs “why can’t they get the story?” We were finally granted access near the scene and bourgeois media, only because of the applied pressure by the community.

The bourgeois media had no issues with getting anywhere and of all of the African witnesses available to recount what occurred, a white woman was chosen as the interviewee. They, just like the pigs, were working hard to silence the voice of the black community—specifically, the African poor and working class!

The story is still developing, but African people are well aware of what was at play, regardless of the lies that will be spread by the white media entities. We must organize against the State and its sick ploys.

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