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Letters to the Editor: Thank you for sponsoring my subscription to The Burning Spear

Aug 25, 2017

Editor's note: The Burning Spear newspaper receives thousands of letters from African (black) prisoners behind bars. These prisoners receive our newspaper free of charge through our Sponsor a Prisoner Program which, keeps them engaged in political life and connected to the Africa liberation struggle. This one reads:

"Dear Burning Spear,

"First I want to thank you for sponsoring my subscription to The Burning Spear. There are so many brothers in here that are surprised that a newspaper like this even exists after they come in contact with it.

"Most of them assume that any movement of this nature died with the 70s and instantly become interested and excited. For many of the younger generation, this type of black unity is completely unheard of and it is their first time being exposed to unapologetic assertive truth explaining the reasons for what they experience as black men..."

Help us to keep The Spear in the hands of our brothers and sisters behind bars! Sponsor a prisoner you know today! 




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