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Black August: The Spear picks up where Harriet Tubman left off

Aug 3, 2017

Today we raise up Harriet Tubman as we celebrate Black August. The Burning Spear newspaper’s “Harriet’s Daughters” page is dedicated to the fighting African women who continue the legacy of Harriet Tubman, who was a fearless freedom fighter during the times of slavery in the U.S. 

Over the course of 10 years, Harriet Tubman made over 19 trips to the slave states of the South and helped bring over 300 Africans to the so-called “free” states of the North. 

Unfortunately, just bringing people to states where chattel slavery was illegal did not change the overall system of oppression that Africans were faced with throughout the U.S. 

Now over 150 years later we pick up where Harriet left off. 
But today as African Internationalists we understand that ours is not a struggle “from slavery to freedom” as Booker T. Washington might say. 

Rather, it is a struggle from being a free, independent and proud people with our own power and our own land, back to being a free, independent and proud people with our own power and our own land. 

The Harriet’s Daughters page in The Burning Spear, represents the thoughts, concerns and struggles of African women in our movement toward African liberation. 

There always seem to be questions about the role of women in revolutionary movements; where do we fit in? 

Should we struggle to end our special oppression first and then focus on African people as a whole? Should our fight be against patriarchy or imperialism? 
What are the contradictions that affect our full participation in the revolutionary movement, and what can we do to overturn them? 

The Harriet’s Daughters page serves as a place where African women inside and outside of the Uhuru Movement can answer these questions and usher in a new perspective of what freedom means for African women. 

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