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AFRICAN RESISTANCE NOW! InPDUM launches new political education series

Jun 6, 2017 This article also appears in the June 2017 issue of The Burning Spear newspaper

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) presents the broadcast of “African Resistance Now!”

“African Resistance Now!” is critical political education for the masses which airs every other Wednesday at 6:30 CST/7:30 EST on

Under the leadership of Kalambayi Andenet, the International President of the InPDUM, “African Resistance Now!” serves the African working class by bringing raw, unfiltered political insight on various sectors of the African life that are affected by colonialism.

“African Resistance Now!” stands to explain the contradiction of colonialism and how it has stolen our self-determination, leaving Africans oppressed and under the power of the State.”

The political education web broadcast is also a recruitment strategy to bring the masses of African people into InPDUM’s ranks, so that they can be organized towards African self-determination.

In the first episode that aired on April 19, 2017, InPDUM stood firmly on its program of “What We Want, What We Believe,” by acknowledging Point 11 of the 77-Point Revolutionary National Democratic Program:

“We recognize all African people throughout Africa and the world as comprising one African nation that has been forcibly dispersed and impoverished by slavery, colonialism, and other machinations of imperialism.”

“African Resistance Now!” discussed the theory of African Internationalism and explained how racism is a self-defeating fight of the petty bourgeois.

InPDUM President, Kalambayi Andenet, speaks on “African Resistance Now!”

International President, Kalambayi Andenet, stated “African Resistance Now!’ is very important to engaging the masses.

“I know that Africans are receiving their news from Facebook and we have to win the masses to Revolution.

“We have to deepen the crisis of imperialism and expose the contradictions that Africans are discussing in a real way.

“African Resistance Now!’ is critical for building the mass organization of InPDUM and exposing white power propaganda.

The African working class is the producer for ‘African Resistance Now!’ and InPDUM is only the vehicle that drives the voice of the people.”

“African Resistance Now!” not only challenges the colonial relationship that Africans have with white power, but it also challenges counter-revolutionary theories that African women and African same-gender-loving have no place in the Revolution.

The host of “African Resistance Now!” Nyabinghi M., is stepping up to the plate to say that African women, regardless of sexual orientation, can lead.

When questioned about whether she believes these things will impact the show, she stated, “[n]o, I don’t want people to be won to the fact that I am an African woman nor me being same-gender-loving.

“I want people to be won to InPDUM, African Internationalism and listen to the message.

“Although my face may be shown, I am not at the center of this: African Internationalism is and I’m just doing my part to win the masses to political life.”

The importance of propaganda in the war of ideas

As Chairman Omali of the African People’s Socialist Party says, we are in a war of ideas.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement understands the significance of how propaganda and social media have been used as tools to control the narrative.

“African Resistance Now!” is another vital weapon that is being used to wage this war, winning the African masses to revolutionary and African Internationalist understandings, and providing our people with key analysis on the conditions affecting our communities.

We must contend with the bourgeois narratives being put forward by the State.

Revolution cannot wait!

We Demand African Resistance Now!

Join the International People’s Democratic

Uhuru Movement!

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