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African family brutalized in Fort Worth, Texas after calling the police on a white man

Feb 7, 2017
InPDUM Houston

A tear rolls down the cheek of Jacqueline Craig (right) as she attends a press conference with her 15-year-old daughter (left) and cousin Rod Smith outside Fort Worth Police Department's Bob Bolen Public Safety Complex.


After an African woman, Jacqueline Craig, called the Fort Worth Police department to report an incident in which her 8-year-old son was choked by her white neighbor, her and her two daughters were attacked, arrested, kidnapped and taken to jail. 

On December 21, 2016, tensions mounted between the cop and Jacqueline after Jacqueline reported the assault of her 8-year-old son. The cop demanded to know from Jacqueline why she allowed her son to litter and when Jacqueline responded that the neighbor did not have the right to assault her son, the cop asked, “Why not?” Jacqueline also stated that there was no evidence that her son had littered.

The cop could be heard saying, “you’re going to piss me off, and I’m going to bring you to jail.”

After a heated exchange between Jacqueline and the white cop, the pig proceeded to assault Jacqueline, first grabbing and throwing her 15-year-old daughter on the ground, and then grabbing Jacqueline and throwing her to the ground. She was then confronted with a taser, ready to fire in her back. He then kidnapped Jacqueline and her two daughters, one of which was recording the incident. . 

According to CNN, “Jacqueline and her daughter were charged with resisting arrest, search or transport and interfering with public duties…” They were released the next day. Jacqueline’s daughter was placed into custody and was released to her older sister. 

Since the attack, the cop, whose name they refused to release, has been placed on restrictive duty by the Fort Worth chief of police, but about 100 protestors from the community showed up to demand the termination of the cop. 

 “At the root what we’re dealing with is a cry out for justice in the case of unarmed people being indiscriminately shot by police,” rally organizer Cheryl Ananda said.” (NBCDFW) 

Other activist organizations and leaders have also spoken out about the Fort Worth Incident. According to civil rights organization, The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas 

“…In this instance, the officer ignored basic community policing standards and his own responsibility to de-escalate the confrontation. This incident and countless others like it demonstrate that for people of color, showing anything less than absolute deference to police officers—regardless of the circumstances—can have unjust and often tragic consequences. This fundamental injustice is also a threat to public safety. If a Black woman in Fort Worth can't call the cops after her son is allegedly choked by a neighbor without getting arrested, why would she ever call the cops again?". 

What The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas fails to mention is that the pigs have the authority to ignore “policing standards,” because they legitimize themselves. The pigs are operating well within their rights designed by colonialism. This is why we should never call the pigs. They are the problem; they don’t solve our problems.

Although we welcome all who are opposed to police violence and murder in the black community by cops who have blanket impunity, the demand we make in 2017 is “Black Community Control of the Police.” 

The Ft Worth Police Department and all U.S. police agencies serve as standing colonial armies in the African communities for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo. The police are an occupying military force who is in place to protect the political and economic interest of the white ruling class, at the expense of the African working class. 

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) is a grassroots African organization that is organizing all over the U.S. to demand Black Community Control of the Police. We believe that black people ourselves should determine who should wear guns in our community and who should hire and fire police. 

The white man that choked sister Jacqueline’s eight year old son would have been arrested on site if we controlled who patrol our communities with guns. That arrogant tool of the State who put his hands on our sister would have never been on the scene.

We demand that all charges be dropped against Sister Craig and her children. We also demand that our community begin to stand up for ourselves. Never again should we be able to witness a lone pig come into our community and beat up our sister and all we do is stand by and watch or record.  This is the year of resistance by any means necessary. This is a call for action by InPDUM to every African to organize and take control of our communities, people, and resources. 

Contact InPDUM at (832) 779-4690

Reparations and Justice for the Craig family!

Black Community Control of the Police!




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