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Flint, Michigan water poisoning and parasitic capitalism

Jan 10, 2017
Nkashama Sankofa

FLINT, MI––The Africans in Flint, MI are living in a nightmare and have been since the colonial government poisoned their water supply in 2013.

This horrendous crime was widely ignored by colonial representatives until it began receiving public attention after the residents of Flint began to speak out.

Today, Africans in Flint are forced to rely on donated bottled water in a degrading process of waiting in lines at bus terminals and designated pick up spots.

Many Africans in Flint still have difficulties getting and transporting the water.

According to NPR, Michigan has put $200 million into providing bottles of water, much of which goes into the pockets of greedy capitalist water companies to provide water bottles to the people.

Their half-hearted attempts to solve the problems also include giving out a measly 145,000 water filters that some of the homes aren’t even equipped to use.

Melissa Mays, founder of the organization Water You Fighting For told Fox News “Unfortunately the situation is getting worse. Our lead is in the four digits and our bacteria is 3.8 million plate count. The longer they wait to change our pipes, the worse our water gets.”

NPR reports that nine state employees have been charged with tampering with evidence but it is clear that the whole U.S. should be charged with genocide.

Africans Charge Genocide

Flint, MI is a tragic symptom of a larger problem. Parasitic capitalism controls the basic resources needed to produce and sustain life––water.

The hoarding and polluting of the world's water supplies have turned a resource that is literally free flowing and actually falls from the sky into a commodity to buy and sell.

Clean water shortages are affecting Africans in the U.S. as well as on the Continent and the Caribbean due to the economic oppression we face at the hands of parasitic capitalism.

The other issue is that the Africans in Flint and everywhere else are denied the power to determine what we deem as safe water for our communities.

Africans are denied the right to determine how resources for clean water and equipment maintenance are spent.

We are denied the power to truly hold all those responsible for this mass poisoning accountable. We are expected to settle for waiting in lines for water bottles and criminal charges for nine state employees.

There are currently hundreds of lawsuits filed against the State by Flint residents. The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) stands in unity with the struggles of the Africans in Flint and demand reparations for those affected.

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) organized Africans on the ground of Flint around this issue in March 2016.

InPDUM braved frigid temperatures to fiercely lead the Africans Charge Genocide tour around the country in January, 2016 to bring attention to the crimes committed against Flint in addition to our centuries long genocide.

We must never forget the poisoning of Flint. We must continue the fight for clean water, justice, reparations and freedom for Flint and the African people.

Touch One, Touch All!







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