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Come to the APSP Plenary! Make the Revolution your New Year's resolution!

Dec 20, 2016
Kalonda Mulamba, African People's Socialist Party

The African People’s Socialist Party will, on January 7-9, 2017, put revolution firmly back on the agenda for African people with our annual magnificent Plenary celebration to be held at our headquarters in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida!

Our Party members, members of our mass organizations and supporters from around the world will converge in St. Pete for this revolutionary celebration. 

May 2017 will mark the 45th anniversary of African People’s Socialist Party, the vanguard of the African working class.

Our Party was founded on May 21, 1972 by Chairman Omali Yeshitela at a time when the Black Liberation Movement had been destroyed as a movement and in a climate of political terror and brutal repression.

Since then, our Party has consistently engaged in revolutionary struggle to overturn colonialism and parasitic capitalism.

It has been our work, more than anything else, that kept the African Liberation Movement alive after the U.S. government’s defeat of the Black Revolution of the Sixties.

We are in a critical time in history as imperialism is on its deathbed and the struggling and oppressed African and other colonized peoples of the world are fighting against white power.

Our Party, with this Plenary, will provide profound lessons and political analysis to our people on how to get organized towards achieving the overthrow of colonialism with a political report by Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

There will also be dynamic presentations and discussions to outline the work of our Party throughout 2016, and show that we have been forwarding the revolution on all fronts––from the economic front to the defense front. These key dialogues will also inform our way forward for 2017.

Although this will be a strategic planning session of our Party, we will also have dynamic cultural presentations, as well as an African naming ceremony, led by our Chairman and our Secretary General, Luwezi Kinshasa.

So join us! Ring in the new year by attending our Plenary and strategizing towards revolution! Visit to register or call 727-821-6620 for more info!

Join the Party of the African working class. It is clear that we cannot depend on the white ruling class parties for our freedom and that only revolution will free us from oppression!

Forward the Revolution! Forward the African People’s Socialist Party 2017 Plenary!



Freedom In Our Lifetime!


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