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Barack Hussein Obama’s last speech on “national security” exposes his firm stance against oppressed peoples

Dec 13, 2016
Nkashama Sankofa, APSP

U.S. president Barack Obama praised the U.S. military regime from top to bottom as he dropped the names of army generals, personnel and their families during his last speech on national security as U.S. president on November 6, 2016.

He paid homage to the past 75 years of bloodshed and carnage that the U.S. has brought to the world from the second imperialist world war, their attempted occupation of Viet Nam, up to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama used this speech as an opportunity to promote the lie of U.S. moral justification when it comes to its actions against the oppressed peoples of the world. 

In his speech he declared terrorist organizations and radical individuals are trying to kill “Americans.”

He continued to push this false sense of moral high ground by saying “we did not choose this fight” as if oppressed people are just waking up out of the blue and deciding to resist U.S. imperialism for no perfect reason.

Obama claimed to support 300,000 Afghan troops in the fight to keep the people free. This is a bold-faced lie as Afghan troops who are supported by the U.S. are only stooges for their oppressor––not liberators.

It is clear that Obama is not interested in telling the truth about the U.S. and its crimes. His primary interest is painting this corrupt and brutal government as well as its savage regime as heroes in the face of evil.

Keeping the chickens from coming home to roost

Obama told the audience how the U.S. has 16,000 airstrikes on places like Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS but never mentions how many civilians are murdered during these strikes.

He also praised the neocolonial African Union for its cooperation with the U.S. in attacking Africans in Somalia and went on about how “fascism” and “communism” is a threat to “world order.”

He even had the nerve to call the oppressed people who resist U.S. imperialism and pimpery as “thugs and murderers” who should be “treated as such.”

The white power in black face representative blames attacks on U.S. and Europe on things like radicalism and even social media instead of the very real actions that the U.S. perpetrate throughout the world.

Obama calls white power “world order” and attacks on U.S. imperialism “terrorism.” He calls oppressed people struggling to be self-determined “fascism” and uses the word communism as if it is a bad thing.

It is clear that Obama paints anything that threatens the prosperity enjoyed by the white imperialist world at the expense of Africans and oppressed peoples as some type of evil boogie man that must be destroyed.

Terrorism and fascism is in the eye of the beholder. Terror is something white people experience whenever oppressed people fight back. They scream fascism whenever they feel they have less power than they are used to.

Terror, however, is what Africans and oppressed peoples experience everyday at the hands of U.S. domestic and international military regimes.

Power is something we as Africans are denied daily and have been for centuries and does not need a special name like fascism.

The U.S. government deserves every resistance attack made against it by oppressed people.

So called “national security” is nothing but the U.S. efforts to keep its chickens from coming home to roost.

We are winning!

Uhuru in this lifetime!




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