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The murder of Darren Seals: Organized resistance is key

Sep 13, 2016
Kalambayi Andantet; President, International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement

Darren Seals


FERGUSON––It has been one week since the body of Ferguson, Mo. activist Darren Seals was found in a burning car with a bullet hole in his head. With everyday that goes by, we are hearing less and less  about his horrific murder.

Candle light vigils have been held in Ferguson in remembrance of the young outspoken activist.

Many questions have yet to be answered by the police and investigators surrounding his death.

Since the murder of Mike Brown on August 9, 2014, there has been a string of six murdered activists in the last two years: Darnell Robinson, Antonio Jones, Deandre Joshua, Terrell Beasley, Vinne Cascella, and Darren Seals.

Residents in the area do not believe this to be a coincidence.

The black community, not only in Ferguson but all over the world, has become increasingly aware that something is changing. That something is imperialism and the white power structure as they lose their grip on the colonized African masses.

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, (InPDUM) recognizes this murder as a scare tactic at the hands of the State.

We also understand that there has been an ongoing war waged on African people since the assault on Africa 600 years ago. Our brother Darren recognized this as well.

When we speak out against colonialism and give the African working class the blueprint for freedom, the penalty is often death. We see this historically and in present day as so many of our freedom fighters have had their lives taken by the State via murder or imprisonment.

That is why the importance of organization is critical to the safety of our African sisters and brothers, and the ability for us to succeed in the struggle for black power.

An organized resistance cannot be a one-man show.

We know pain all too well, we know sorrow, destruction, poverty, mass incarceration, and broken school systems.

We also know that we must resist and come into revolutionary organization to win our liberation and freedom from the clutches of the ruling class. This is our time and we must act now!

InPDUM will be having our 25th Anniversary Convention in Ferguson, Mo., Ground Zero of the re­emergence of African resistance. We urge all freedom loving people to attend our powerful convention.

Support the continuous work and visit to learn how to get involved in our organization!

It is important for our people to know that we are winning! The ruling class is threatened down to its bloody core when African people unite and come into organized resistance.

To protect ourselves, however, we must join a revolutionary organization. No African can struggle for freedom alone. This must be a joint effort around the world. We must unite with a revolutionary trajectory.


Join InPDUM!


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