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Male privilege fails to protect Terence Crutcher who was Murdered by a white female cop

Sep 27, 2016
Kalonda Mulamba, African People's Socialist Party

Terence Cutcher moments before being shot down by white female cop Betty Shelby


Tulsa, OK––Terence Crutcher, a 40-year-old African father of four children, was murdered in the streets by white female cop Betty Shelby on Friday, September 16, 2016.

The incident occurred around 7:40 p.m. and was captured on multiple videos, including a helicopter video.

Terence was heading home from Tulsa Community College when his SUV stalled in the middle of the road. Tulsa police was notified of the stalled vehicle and pulled onto the scene in their cars.

The dash-cam video shows Terence walking back towards his SUV with his hands raised in the air. He then puts both hands on the side of the car, arms still upright. In that moment, he is tazed and shot.

He then falls to the ground, blood leaking from his body. The cops did not administer any medical attention to Terence as he lay bleeding to death.

The name of the pig who tazed him has not yet been released.

White men and women unite to murder Africans

Terence had four children and was studying music at Tulsa Community College. He was also involved in church and sang in a choir.

But the State doesn’t care about how righteous Terence seemingly was, or how many children he had; the police’s function is to kill Africans. And their representatives are united in that task.

Betty Shelby was certainly united with her white husband, who was one of the pigs riding in the helicopter that recorded the murder from the air.  He can be heard defending his wife’s terrorizing actions with his comment that Terence––from many feet in the air––seemed like “one bad dude.”

Shelby’s husband also was also supposedly able to see all the way from the helicopter that Terence was “on something.”

The white nation is united and aligned with the State in its oppression and killing of Africans. That is why, African women and men, too, must unite in order to fight our oppression.

Where was Terence’s so-called male privilege and why didn’t it protect him from being killed by a white woman?

Most feminists believe that all men have some sort of “male privilege” which gives them certain privileges over women.

The feminist theory is little more than a superstition and this so-called male privilege is no more that a ghost story.

Male privilege didn’t help this African when he was being shot down by a white woman who was functioning as an arm of the colonial State.

African men have no such privilege under the oppressive system of white power which works to oppress all Africans in favor of all white people––white men and women alike.

Murderous cop and white woman Betty Shelby, along with her other white female police counterparts, are struggling for the equal power as their men to kill Africans in general and continue to exploit our resources.

On top of that, all white people live on a pedestal of power on the backs of African people. White women, like white men, sit comfortably on that pedestal and only utilize feminism to attempt to secure a bigger slice of the genocidal pie.

The only way for Africans to prevent police murdering our brothers and sisters is for us to unite the African nation––African men and women––under African Internationalism work to overturn colonialism. This is the task at hand. Feminism and similar theories work to divide our nation, pinning men against women, all while the real enemy is left untouched.





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