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InPDUM President Kalambayi delivers powerful speech at Darren Seals' funeral

Sep 21, 2016
Kalonda Mulamba, African People's Socialist Party

President Kalambayi calls on the attendees of Darren Seals' funeral to unite towards African freedom


FERGUSON, MO--The body of Darren Seals was found in a burning car two weeks ago with a bullet to the head. His funeral service was held on Saturday September 17th, 2016. 

Coincidentally, the service took place on the same day and just upstairs, in the same building as the InPDUM 25th Anniversary Convention.

InPDUM’s President, Kalambayi Andenet, also from St Louis and friend of Seals was invited to speak at the service. After finishing her Convention address, she quickly ran upstairs to the packed Sanctuary of the Greater St. Marks Church where she delivered a powerful speech calling the people to struggle.

Kalambayi opened up by offering her condolences to the mother and family of Darren Seals.

She recalled, “just like Darren, August 9th 2014 my life changed because I saw Mike Brown laying in the street like that.”

Kalambayi explained that she lost two brothers and her oldest nephew. One of her brothers she lost to horizontal (or “black on black”) violence, but the President outlined to the attendees that horizontal violence is “still the State. Everything in our community is placed there by the State strategically for a reason.”   

She continued: “It’s time to unite. But we have to define what unite means. Because we can’t unite over just anything...We have to unite as a people and say enough is enough! We have to have a structure that will keep us safe,” as she encouraged the people to join the Uhuru Movement.

“We have to know our enemy. We have to understand that it’s time to be a part of something that is solid. Darren was looking for that.”

Kalambayi expressed to the attentive attendees that the black community has to get to a place where we prevent the State from murdering our people.

She then urged them to join a revolutionary organization and become a part of a solid body.

Kalambayi continued, “Sisters and brothers, the task at hand is for us to get free…”

She expressed that regardless of what religion we observe, “The bottom line is that we are Africans and we dying. It’s time to unite!” The church erupted in applause, raised fists and shouts of “Uhuru!”

Kalambayi, in her closing remarks, illustrated that the African liberation struggle is worldwide. “The struggle in Ferguson is in California; the struggle in California is New York; the struggle in Ghana, Africa, is the same struggle we’re struggling for right here.”

“We have to understand, we cannot be bamboozled any longer.”

InPDUM’s President outlined the importance of learning from past mistakes within the struggle.

“Darren Seals, our brother had a powerful message, but he needed a force, an army, that was organized that understood when its time to go to the left and when its time to go to the right…

“If you’re here because you gotta get free, come and join me!”

The entire church was consumed with applause as attendees shouted “Uhuru!”

Kalambayi expressed to Darren’s mother, “I wanna salute this mother, I love you and I hate that you have to sit there.

“But let me tell you, Darren will never be forgotten as long as I got breath in my body, and when the breath leaves my body, the Uhuru Movement will be moving. Because the movement will move on over whoever is in our way! Uhuru!”

The attendees, were absolutely inspired. Kalambayi made them feel uplifted with her powerful speech as they rose to their feet in thunderous applause.

They shouted Uhuru! When Kalambayi chanted “touch one!” they triumphantly responded “touch all!”

This is the power of our InPDUM President. This is the power of our Movement.

Watch the video of the full speech below!

Freedom in our lifetime!

Long live Darren Seals!

Join the International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement! (InPDUM)




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