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Zenzele Consignment open for business in Huntsville, AL!

Aug 30, 2016
Aisha Fields, President of AAPDEP

HUNTSVILLE, AL––After almost two years of fundraising and planning, and with tremendous support from dedicated AAPDEP members and supporters, the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) and the wider Uhuru Movement, Zenzele Consignment opened for its first official day of business on Saturday, August 13, 2016! 

Zenzele Consignment is one of the newest economic initiatives of the Uhuru Movement, which has a long record of building successful economic institutions including the Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles furniture stores in existence now for more than 20 years in both Oakland, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

By all accounts, the Zenzele Consignment’s soft opening was a huge success! We had a steady stream of customers the entire day with members of the community coming in, shopping, calling friends and spreading the word! 

Local store owners from the Northwood Plaza where Zenzele Consignment is located showed their support by bringing friends and their own customers with them to shop. 

We even had one of our local designers with featured items in our store come and size customers who wanted specific items made! What a wonderful first day!

Located at 2205-F University Drive in Huntsville, Alabama, Zenzele Consignment is a non-profit clothing resale store and fundraiser for the programs of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP). 

AAPDEP is an African-led non-profit organization of the Uhuru Movement with the responsibility of building dual power development programs in Africa and African communities around the world.

AAPDEP’s work over the years

Since 2007, AAPDEP members have organized a variety of community-led initiatives that center around our three-fold focus of agriculture, education and healthcare. 

In 2014 and 2015, AAPDEP members in Sierra Leone led a successful Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) response program, Project Black Ankh, which included the training of over 50 community health workers on the identification and prevention of EVD, community and individual counseling to support EVD survivors and their families and providing EVD survivors and their families with food, water and sanitary supplies.

As a consignment store, Zenzele Consignment supports the incredible programs of AAPDEP while providing the community an opportunity to make resources as well from the sale of their new or gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more. 

Zenzele Consignment is the home of Confident, Revolutionary Style as our tagline suggests, but it is much more than that, it is truly the people’s clothing store.

With the continued support of the community and the entire Uhuru Movement, we are confident that Zenzele Consignment will grow to fulfill its mission to become known and respected as one of the highest expressions of African self-determination and self-reliance. 

Like the Xhosa name “Zenzele” means, African people must and will “do for self.”

To learn more about Zenzele Consignment, to donate, consign or volunteer, please visit us at, or email: [email protected] or call tel: 256-469-8418.




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