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Neocolonialist Loretta Lynch speaks at the memorial service of cops killed by Gavin Long

Aug 30, 2016
Bryan Troupe, African People's Socialist Party

Loretta Lynch is a representative of white power in black face


Baton Rouge, LA—Loretta Lynch, an African woman and the U.S. attorney general, attended the memorial service for the three cops that were killed in Baton Rouge nan act of resistance by Gavin “Cosmo” Long. The memorial service was held on July 28, 2016.

Lynch, the top pig in the U.S., attended the memorial service for dead cops but has never attended the memorial service, funeral, wake, or anything else for dead Africans killed by cops and white vigilantes.

During her speech, she ridiculously referred to the dead cops as “heroes.” Cops are not heroes. What they are is an occupying military force whose purpose is to protect the interest of the white ruling class at the expense of the African working class.

The person who Lynch should refer to as a hero is Gavin “Cosmo” Long, the African freedom fighter who resisted colonial oppression in the way that he saw fit.

Lynch also said, “We know our work will take time, and as we go forward, I pledge to you that the Department of Justice, that I am honored to lead, will be there with you, long after the lights have faded and the attention has gone away. When the hard work of rebuilding begins, we will stand with you. We stand with Baton Rouge."

Lynch, an arm of the State, points out that she is the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the same DOJ that has failed to indict any cop for the murder of Africans.

Her speech was a slap in the face to the African community.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is clear that Lynch never intended to speak to the interests of the African community. As U.S. attorney general, Lynch's role is to side with the cops who murder Africans daily. Her function is to maintain the culture of white power.

Like U.S. president Barack Obama, Lynch is white power in blackface. She is a neocolonialist.

With neocolonialism, colonized people do the work of white power and oppress people that look like them. 

The APSP reject Loretta Lynch and her decision to pay homage to arms of the State. She is implicit in the oppression of the African working class and must be held accountable.

We cannot depend on the State to save us!

The State has no intention of stopping its brutal oppression of Africans. To request that the State investigate itself for committing crimes against Africans makes no sense at all.

The State was built on the oppression of Africans. Such a system cannot be reformed. In short, that system must be destroyed!

The APSP has 40 years of science behind it and understands that the colonial system which murders Africans in our sleep must be demolished. Revolution is the ONLY solution.

We need Black Community Control of the Police!

Africans should be fighting for POWER! Black Community Control of the Police (BCCP) is one way in which we can struggle for power in our own hands.

If we had Black Community Control of Police, Lynch would not be able to continue in her position without speaking to the needs of Africans. 

BCCP would give Africans the ability to hire, fire, and train anyone who polices our communities.


Demand Black Community Control of the Police!


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