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Overturning the white culture of sexual violence

Jul 26, 2016
Jesse Nevel; African People's Solidarity Committee. This editorial also appears in the July 2016 issue of The Burning Spear newspaper

Brock Turner


CALIFORNIA––A judge's decision to give a white college student at Stanford University named Brock Turner a six-month slap-on-the-wrist jail sentence for an act of sexual violence has brought to the surface the ugly culture of rape and violence endemic in white society.

The case makes clear that as far as white society goes, Brock Turner is not an abnormality, but just a white boy who got caught in the act, and for many white people, that’s the real tragedy of the story.  

Turner’s father went on record as saying that a lifetime of stigma was a “heavy price to pay for 20 minutes of action.”

Many white people have rallied behind the Stanford “star athlete” who raped an unconscious woman in an alley behind a dumpster. 

White media refused to publish his mug shot for months, instead showcasing his grinning yearbook photo and details about his prospects of becoming an Olympic swimmer.

If Brock Turner had been African, his mug shot would have been front-page news the next morning after the story broke.

But the fact is, Brock is not African. 

This white thug who assaulted and raped an unconscious woman was white, and he represents only the latest act of sexual terror from a white society in which literally every eight seconds, another rape occurs. 

Colonial pundits are pulling their hair out trying to understand why such an act would occur, attributing the daily occurrence of college campus sexual assaults to a “culture of alcohol abuse” run amok. 

This pathetic explanation hides the true origin of the Euro-American rape culture, a culture in which children are abused in the Catholic Church, in Hollywood, in the school system, in day care centers, in basketball camps and pretty much everywhere else.

White culture’s sexual violence was born out of the assault on Africa

Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party teaches us that if you want to understand a problem, you have to look at where it came from. 

The Euro-American culture of sexual violence was born out of the assault on Africa, enslavement of African people and the slaughter of the Indigenous people of the Americas. 

This process, defined by Chairman Omali Yeshitela as the parasitic origins of capitalism, was extraordinarily violent and encompassed an unimaginable array of sadistic torture and conquest, including sexual violence.

Rape is indeed a definitive feature of the imperialist invasion and domination of the world by white people.

Centuries before the term “human trafficking” was coined, the massive trafficking of African human beings during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade involved the hideous sexual domination of African women and men by white slave masters and mistresses.

Thomas Jefferson, the famous founding father of the United States, was a known pedophile rapist whose victim, Sally Hemings, was a 14-year-old African girl who he owned as his private property.

Colonial history books still defend Jefferson’s rape of Hemings, claiming that he was in a “romantic affair” with her.

Why would white society––which excuses the rape of a 14-year-old girl by one of its “founding fathers”––have anything but a culture of rape and pedophilia? 

Slave breeding was common in the United States, where white slave masters forced African men and women to “breed” like animals to produce more African children to be enslaved as property.

The capture of this land by white settlers from the Indigenous people was also a process of gunfire, decapitation, smallpox blankets, stabbings, lynchings—and rape.

There were constant, daily sexual conquests of Indigenous people by white settlers.

This continues to this day.

Brock Turner is only the most recent representation of the white culture of violence 

In Canada, the bodies of hundreds of Indigenous women were found in a river that runs through the heart of Winnipeg. They were raped and murdered.  

Every day in cities across the U.S., including New York and Philadelphia, the African community is subject to sexual molestation by police in a tactic known as “stop and frisk.” 

Brock Turner is the offspring of this history, the slave master nation of thieves and rapists.

African Internationalism shows that white people as a whole sit on the pedestal of the colonial oppression of African people. 

Problems such as rape that occur within the white community revolve around the fundamental rape and assault on colonized peoples upon which all of white society rests. 

White people who want to break ties with the rapist oppressor nation must unite with the struggles of the African and Indigenous people to reclaim their land, resources and destinies. 

Reparations to African and Indigenous people is the weapon that will smash the white culture of rape. 

White solidarity with Black Power is the doorway for white people to rejoin the rest of humanity in the struggle to create a new world of liberation and genuine peace through revolution, a world without war, genocide, slavery and rape. 

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

Overturn the culture of sexual violence!




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