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No charges for cop who murdered Freddie Gray

Jul 6, 2016
Bryan Troupe, African People's Socialist Party

BALTIMORE––A Baltimore court has found a third cop “not guilty” for the murder of 25-year old Freddie Gray.

Freddie was murdered after “making eye contact” with Baltimore police on April 12, 2015. The cops chased Freddie, beating him and twisting his screaming body like a pretzel, before tossing him into the back of a police van and ultimately killing him.

Caesar Goodson Jr., the Baltimore cop who drove the police van that Freddie’s limp body was thrown into was acquitted of all charges on June 23rd.

On May 23rd Edward Nero, one of the Baltimore cops on bike that first accosted Freddie, was found not guilty.

On December 16, 2015, William Porter, another cop involved in the murder of Freddie had his trial declared a mistrial.  

Not surprisingly, there has been no justice for young Freddie.

The function of the State is to murder Africans!

White power never intended to convict anyone in the murder of Freddie.

We know this because the function of the State is to murder and oppress Africans across the entire planet.

Africans are colonized subjects living under the rule of the colonizer. The oppressive white ruling class has a parasitic relationship with us Africans. For more than 600 years, white power has survived from the labor and resources of Africans.

Belgium’s “King” Leopold looted the entire African area known as Congo and murdered millions of African children, women and men. The reason for his insidious savagery was that he wanted African resources, mostly rubber. Leopold would sever the limbs and murder any African who resisted.

This relationship that Africans have with the white ruling class continue to be parasitic as the colonizer metes out punishment to any African who dares to stand up and fight.

When Freddie Gray decided to run for his life instead of immediately giving himself up to Baltimore pigs, he was beaten and brutalized mercilessly, so much so that his spine was almost completely severed at his neck.

The only reason that Marilyn Mosby, a petty bourgeois minion of the State, brought charges against the pigs in the first place was to quell the righteous Baltimore Rebellion in April, 2015.

Mosby is no friend to the African community. She has sent many Africans from Baltimore to prison.

She is a tool of the enemy––the white ruling class. Her primary job as a State prosecutor is to send Africans to prison and destroy African families.

Resist! Fight Back!

When Africans in the city of Baltimore began to fight back in the streets, the State immediately pretended as if it would fight for justice.

If, however, the State were to truly fight for justice, it would have to convict its tools—the murderous cops––for the murder of Freddie and millions of other Africans.

We all know that will never happen.

The only way for Africans to ever get justice is to fight back and resist! We must bring our own justice.

Africans and oppressed people must fight to overturn the parasitic relationship that we have with the colonizer.

We must fight to destroy this imperialist system that sucks the life out of us.

The African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) is the only party that will lead Africans to gain power and take control of all our resources. Join the Revolution!

Revolution is the only solution!

Fists Up! Fight Back!



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