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The Southeast Region and AAPDEP collaborate to forward the African Revolution!

Mar 15, 2016

Members of AAPDEP organizing in Alabama communities


Wonderful things happen when the work for the liberation of African People is front and center! The weekend of March 4th-6th, 2016 was an impactful one for the Southeast Region and the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP)! It was jam packed with events, travel, organizing and comradery! It was kicked off with two days of Solidarity events, and ended with a trip to Selma, Alabama!

Uhuru Solidarity Movement

There were few solidarity members local in Alabama, until this past weekend. The local forces invited leaders Penny Hess and Jesse Nevel to come and participate in several organized events in the area with the purpose of raising funds for the Southeast Region. Penny and Jesse traveled all the way from St. Petersburg, FL. to Huntsville, AL!

There were three dynamic events that took place over the weekend that included guest speakers Dr. Aisha Fields of AAPDEP and Kobina Bantushango of the African Peoples Socialist Party (APSP). By the end of the weekend, there were 6 new solidarity forces! What a spectacular way to kick off the month of March!


Early the next morning, members of AAPDEP and the APSP loaded up to take the short drive to Selma, AL. They would be organizing African people that have come to the area to commemorate the 51st anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The tragedy that took place in on March 7, 1965 was one of the many catalysts of the Civil Rights Movement, and people come from all over the country to partake in the commemoration.

This committed group, however, was in town for an entirely different reason––to forward the African Revolution! Copies of The Burning Spear newspaper were sold and conversations and connections with fellow Africans were made! Through this organizing effort, many people will be enlightened by the revolutionary focus of the “longest lasting revolutionary newspaper in the country”––The Burning Spear!

Community Gardens

Before any Spears were sold, the caravan of comrades visited local contacts to set the framework for another type of organizing tool––community gardens. Currently, AAPDEP is making a push to develop more community gardens so that Africans can be more self-reliant in the basic fundamental skill of feeding one’s self.

The travelling group met with a couple of local farmers who have immense unity and volunteered their time and efforts to break ground on what will be the 1st AAPDEP Community Garden in Selma, Alabama! This will be a great organizing strategy because it has the potential to merge several generations into one activity!

This powerful weekend was a great example of what action can do for the liberation of African People. We must be in the communities so that the masses will know that there is an answer to the end of their oppression, and that answer lies within the African People’s Socialist Party!

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Forward the Revolution!


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